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Discussion in 'OneNote, Evernote and Organizers' started by dreadful_artist, May 6, 2011.

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    I was hoping someone might be able to recommend some tablet-friendly calendar or organizer software. I have searched around for quite a while and have tried out a few and was dissatisfied with the ones I did try. I'm curious to hear about works for those of you out there who rock the tablet.

  2. dceggert

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    Welcome to TPCR!

    I use a combination of things but my main PIM is MS Outlook with Franklin-Covey PlanPlus. "Tablet friendly" is a definition that means many things to many people...likely 1000 different definitions per 100 people, and it keeps evolving. For me it works fine because I am a TabletPC user thouroughly engulfed in usage of the pen to enter whatever I need through the TIP.

    Now a word of caution; do NOT implement Office 2010 and PlanPlus 7 yet. Franklin-Covey claims compatibility but that is not the case. When Outlook went to 2010 it broke the connection that has only been 'bandaided' as of Dec 2010. The true 'fix' has not been implemented yet. PlanPlus 7 supposedly works well with Outlook 2007 but I have not tried it. I am not going to buy Office 2007 when I have 2010 just so the PlanPlus will work. How a company can develop software without any regard for the latest release of Office smacks at an unorganized effort without a plan of their own.

    PlanPlus has always been a bit buggy and it was getting better with each release up through v6. It is a great way to track everything and V6 was pretty good but would not work with Office 2010. PlanPlus v 7 came out several months after Office 2010 was released (and after years of being in beta testing I may add) and it would not work with Outlook 2010. When Franklin-Covey finally declared they had 'fixed' PlanPlus v7 (Dec 2010) I was excited and started using my new tablet only to find out that the experience is terrible. This is likely the last time I will be buying PlanPlus just because I believe Franklin-Covey has deceived its customers and released a terrible product that I am sure the marketing department is wringing their hands and chewing on cigars at the prospect of forcing everyone to buy v8 to get what they paid v7 to do.

    Sorry for the tyraid. I have been a user since v1 and use the software every day. Every day I am reminded how they got my money and lied to me. Outlook 2007 with PlanPlus v6 worked well enough to get me through planning and control of several multi-million dollar projects! Don't leave home without it...

    I hope this helps....
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