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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab' started by desertlap, Jul 31, 2019.

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    I caved and ordered an open box 256GB Tab S6 from Best Buy. It was only $509! I'm too weak to resist that kind of a deal!!!

    So yeah, the Tab S6 Lite is going back to Costco after I compare the two side by side in some videos. I was pretty damn happy with S6 Lite performance in Clip Studio Paint, but it kinda irked me that my 6.4" Note 9 was faster with CSP than my 10.4" tablet. lol I already have $350 invested into the S6 Lite so I only have to pay $200 more to upgrade to the 256GB Tab S6!

    Now that Tab S6 will be mine, the SD845 to SD855 progression seems more acceptable. I considered S7 for a second, but I'm after that 10~11" size for ultra portability and the 11" S7 is LCD? No thanks. I don't see why anyone would choose 11" S7 over S6 especially now that 256GB S6 is cheap as it is. I'll take that extra RAM and AMOLED with $200 savings, thankyouverynuch!

    So the question now is, what case do I order for the S6? The Sammy KB case is out. Too much horror stories. I already have a BT mini keyboard I can use so... how is the Samsung fold case for S6? Any decent 3rd party fold case to recommend that hides and protects the S-pen?
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