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    I’m curious if we can install HDD with the NVMe as main boot. Still haven’t upgrade from T902 until they include 2nd hard drive option.
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    Just got my Fujitsu T939.

    Yes, you can install a NVMe as the boot drive. But note, you can only put in one M2 drive - either an M2 SATA or M2 NVMe - also single drive only.

    I bought the configuration with i7-8565 / 8 GB RAM / 256 GB M2 SATA HDD.

    On receipt I upgraded the HDD to a 1 TB EVO, and the RAM to a Mushkin 32 GB DDR4 stick.

    Performance is good, the screen is nice.

    Still getting used to it. Have had my T901 for about 9 years now - still running strong.

    The T939 may still have a few driver issues.

    Currently the following are not working:
    1) The finger print sensor
    2) The X, Y & Z sensors - also possibly the ambient light sensor

    I am planning to write back to Fujitsu soon - hopefully they have an answer.
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