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    @Rondo60 Fujitsu themselves don't sell parts, they only offer repair service - which costs an arm and a leg. Buying parts elsewhere is typically expensive, while cheaper used parts are very hard to source. Even within warranty, on-site service is only available in US & Canada, not internationally.

    Lifebooks traditionally have pretty nice hardware, but their designs are sometimes flawed (e.g. T904/T935/T936 hinge), and due to restrictive policy toward end user repairs consequences of some hardware problem are much more drastic than with more repair-friendly brands. If you notice your hinge starts to fail, would you rather ship the device to depot, possibly having to fight your way proving that it's not a result of you mishandling it - or just order a replacement hinge for the price of shipping your laptop to the depot or even less, without disrupting your workflow? I bet the answer is obvious.

    I personally moved to Thinkpads - because trackpoint on business convertibles (unlike Fujitsu&Toshiba who only put it on traditional laptops for some obscure reason), international on-site service, cheap and easy to source parts with detailed service manuals readily available.
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    The T938 has NO Wacom driver that I can find... the AES pen that they now use is seriously crippled by no ability to set up buttons and no eraser on the top.

    Support was totally unhelpful and wanted me to run their hardware diagnostics. The support person obviously did not have any experience using the T938 pen with the side buttons.

    Often I hook my T938 (and previous T935) laptops to a large Wacom screen, and then there's no driver issue but I am not using a screen or pen from Fujitsu.

    I have always found Fujitsu hardware extremely rugged (no hinge issues), never a hardware failure. But they seem to have dropped the ball on pen computing.

    They had a fine driver for the EMR pen in the T935, and right now in disgust I am going back to using the T935 as I do not have a large screen with me.

    Roy Planalp, T935/Win 7/16 GB/4 TB SSD.
    T938/Win 10/16 GB/ 2TB SSD
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    Thanks for the AES pen info- I will stick with my T935- I use a 2 button pen with eraser and like how I can configure it.

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