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    @Rondo60 Fujitsu themselves don't sell parts, they only offer repair service - which costs an arm and a leg. Buying parts elsewhere is typically expensive, while cheaper used parts are very hard to source. Even within warranty, on-site service is only available in US & Canada, not internationally.

    Lifebooks traditionally have pretty nice hardware, but their designs are sometimes flawed (e.g. T904/T935/T936 hinge), and due to restrictive policy toward end user repairs consequences of some hardware problem are much more drastic than with more repair-friendly brands. If you notice your hinge starts to fail, would you rather ship the device to depot, possibly having to fight your way proving that it's not a result of you mishandling it - or just order a replacement hinge for the price of shipping your laptop to the depot or even less, without disrupting your workflow? I bet the answer is obvious.

    I personally moved to Thinkpads - because trackpoint on business convertibles (unlike Fujitsu&Toshiba who only put it on traditional laptops for some obscure reason), international on-site service, cheap and easy to source parts with detailed service manuals readily available.
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