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Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by Rondo60, Jan 10, 2016.

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    Just got a T935 and the Bios version is 1.10 but the Fujitsu site has update listed as 1.13. I'm not having any problems that I've noticed, so should I update?

    Mildly disapointed with the limited Wacom pen controls- I'm used to using an Intuous 3 on my desktop. No pressure curve tool- anyone have luck with using anything better? Will this work without conflict and has anyone tried it- Tablet Pressure Curve Tool-http://www.lab.envirex.cz/?page_id=3
    Also, since T935 labeled as Wacom feel, I was wondering if this newer Wacom Feel driver would work and/or is any better than Fujitsu's default 7.1.2-32- http://us.wacom.com/en/feeldriver/
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    If there's a Readme/Changelog for the Bios update, I'd say read that and make your own judgements.

    It's fairly common knowledge around these parts that Wacom has always gimped tablet pcs in both software and hardware compared to their Intuos/Cintique line. That tool definitely works wonder in adjusting the pressure curve. Test out the curve in every program you plan on using. Different programs will react to your changed curves differently. It was something that definitely annoyed me when I first played around with it, before I discovered Clip Studio Paint.

    I think the only real advantage the newest Wacom driver offers is a built-in 25-point calibration in addition to their standard 4-point calibration. It did improve edge accuracy a bit on my TPT2, so that's pretty nice. I'm still on Fujitsu's default driver on my T901, and it works fine for me. No real difference from a driver point of view.
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