t901 freezes after waking up.

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by Cohzaku, Nov 10, 2015.

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    I have received my second T901, and one of the first issues to pop up was that the 3G card's USB port was totally detached from the card, so I took that out and ordered a replacement.

    Aside from this minor blip, it seems to be working just well (One corner of the screen dips when I write there, so I may have to go in and fix that)

    HOWEVER, whenever I close the lid of the laptop, and open it up later, there's about a two-second window where the computer responds fine, but after that it totally freezes. I could type two letters of the password, or none, or get all the way to "enter", but it always freezes when waking up from being closed.

    It should be noted, that I saved the hard drive from the first T901, and simply inserted it into this one. Could that be at the root of things? Would it be better to do a fresh install, or is this issue rooted elsewhere?


    It is also freezing if it restarts after installing updates. I'm thinking a clean install might just be my only hope.
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