T580 and Q550 thoughts/questions

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by 2disbetter, Feb 1, 2012.

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    If there is any way to hold off from buying a new unit ATM, I would. I would go on ebay and spend $40-50 for a keyboard to hold you over with your Slate 2 until Low Powered Ivy Bridge units are released and possibly, Windows 8 if you can wait that long. I have the feeling that we are in for quite a few variations on the tablet/dock, convertible ultrabook, tablet/keyboard folio concepts.

    I expect that the functionality of slates will significantly improve and convertibles will be mich lighter and more powerful. Batteries should benefit as well.
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    I've decided to hold off. The Slate 2 is a great machine, but I think when the T580 is reiterated or Fujitsu comes out with something the same dimensions or smaller, I'll probably spring for it.

    I really appreciate all the feedback here. This forum has been very helpful!

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    I just spent a half hour with the T580. With the two different straps and hand holding straps added to the unit, it makes for a very secure grip.

    Many machines you worry about holding. The two different hand holds or straps you can purchase could make a significant difference in what you want to purchase.

    I have carried and used several machines standing up but the lack of a good handle has made me very careful when handling them.

    The Fujitsu grips and straps are engineered very well that you almost do not have to worry or even think about carrying the machine.

    The added security makes a huge difference in productivity while holding the machine, walking around and entering input.

    All the other machines you spend much time worrying about how not to drop the machine, instead of getting your work done.

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