Switching from iOS, GoodNotes pdf alternative?

Discussion in 'Software' started by reynoa00, Feb 28, 2020.

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    Hello wise ones. I am currently switching to Windows 10 tablet from iOS (at behest of my employer). Reasonably sanguine about this: I realise a lot of it is just getting to used to doing things a different way. However, there is one area where I am completely at a loss.

    I teach regularly and use an iPad with a PDF annotation app called GoodNotes. I connect it wirelessly through Airplay. The projected image becomes my second screen. GoodNotes shows all the PDF annotation tools on my iPad but just displays the main image (without toolbar etc) on the 'second' projected screen.

    I can find plenty of PDF annotation tools, but none does this. Indeed, I have yet to find one even with a second monitor support. PowerPoint pen tool doesn't work as it only allows a 0.5mm pen. It's useless as a teaching tool. Does anybody have any ideas please?

    Thank you so much
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    Just checked my favorite app (Drawboard PDF) but it doesn't look like it offers that functionality. On the upside, you can have it show a thin strip of tools along the side, so at least the tools would be relatively unobtrusive.
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