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Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by cookies4you, Feb 24, 2015.

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    So I ordered a 256 GB SP2 a while back, and the kickstand was defective.

    Fortunately, I had pretty good experiences with my RT's warranty, so I decided to visit the website.

    Unfortunately, when I sent my trade-in process in, I never got a confirmation e-mail back.

    Now, the website thinks that the service order is still processing, and I can't cancel it.

    Every time I try to view the order, it simply sends me to the "INSERT YOUR NUMBER" page.

    In other words, it's impossible for me to send my Surface Pro 2 in for an exchange.

    The new website is trash. I preferred the old service website, it never ran into any problems.

    I've already talked to two different support techs. One said she'd do something about it, but a week has passed and nothing's happened. I still can't send in a new RMA request.


    I live nowhere near a Microsoft store, and Best Buy can't exchange it since they've cleared their stocks of Surface Pro 2s.

    Anyone have any advice for getting ahold of someone higher up that isn't a bottom-ladder customer support?
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