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Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by COGBABY, Sep 24, 2021.

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    I hope my local box store will put one of these out on display, along with that Surface Studio Laptop.

    I'd love to give both of them a try!
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    Yes. There are none on display at my local BB either. I am hoping that the next model Go has a charger-slot for the pen in its keyboard.
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    For a couple weeks no, I have been using the new Surface Slim Pen 2. Make no mistake, I have to say they finally have the Apple Pencil outpenciled. My biggest beef with Microsoft’s Surface Pen was N-trig/MPP always required a tiny force beyond the weight of the pen to detect pen input.

    The Apple Pencil, much like Wacom EMR, could detect input immediately as the pen touched the display surface. Renaisser Raphael 540 got incredibly close to achieving this level of sensitivity but this fell short requiring just that littlest bit of oomph beyond the force of gravity to detect the pen tip.

    The Slim Pen 2 finally fixes this, removing the cognitive dissonance and mental readjustment that I always encountered in moving from paper to screen on earlier iterations of Surface Pens and their aftermarket alternatives.

    However, there is a caveat where only certain models or Surfaces can actually detect the additional range of sensitivity to light force on the Slim Pen 2. I tested this by holding the stylus dangling from between the two fingers of my hand with no downward force applied to see if lines were consistently detected and drawn in Microsoft Whiteboard.

    The Surface Pro 7+ can detect input while I glide the dangling pen in circles across the screen like a skater on ice. The Surface Go 3 that a family member has cannot, mostly ignoring the Slim Pen 2’s input and therefore performing no better than the Raphael 540 on their Go 3.

    It would seem that the pen’s sensitivity range in the lighter force regions is truncated on Surfaces like the Surface Go that are lacking the additional processing (e.g. PixelSense accelerator chips like G5).
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    Part of that is hardware based due to the slim pens nib assembly. The pro 5 should have the same pixel sense chipset as the Go 2/3, and with the Pro 5 drawing with the slim pen 1 was superior to the regular surface pen, largely due to the level of control the slim pen gave me over the lower end of the pressure range.
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