Surface Recovery Images...I need some clarification

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by DRTigerlilly, Jun 18, 2018.

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    So the process to create a recovery drive
    includes formatting a sufficiently large usb flash drive in FAT32
    Downloading a 6+ GB zipped image
    Using a functional machine of the same model to create a recovery drive in Windows
    and then you copy over the 6+ GB downloaded files to the jump drive

    So enquiring minds would like to know....What does Windows in fact copy to the drive to make it a recovery drive?

    It's unlikely when you create a recovery drive that the version of Windows will be identical, since all the recovery images are old...

    What am I missing here...??

    If you've downloaded this recovery shouldn't a sufficiently prepared and formatted empty drive be sufficient?

    and does it also mean that someone who doesn't have an identical model to create one from is then stuck with a clean install only?
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    <<...So the process to create a recovery drive...>>

    ...Where are you getting this process from? By 'recovery drive," do you mean a C: Drive image? Installation media?

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