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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by RonaldLCooper, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Which one is better surface pro or surface book?. What do you th9ink about the tablet capabilities of the surface book?
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    It really depends on your needs. The Pro is a tablet that can used as a Laptop when needed, and the Book is a Laptop that can be used as a tablet when needed.

    The 3 main advantages of the Book2 has over the current nSP(5) superior lap-ability in part due to its more traditional laptop form factor......the larger screen size (especially with the 15inch Book 2).....and the Discrete Graphics card.

    While a 8th gen Surface Pro (5 or 6) refresh could change the graphics need by giving a better then Iris graphics solution (as the Acer Switch 7 does)....but I think as an overall device....the Pro has an overall superior form factor. Like the Surface Pro makes a better Laptop replacement.....then the Book 1 (and 2?) make as a tablet replacement. The shorter battery life and lack of a kickstand when using the Book in clipboard/tablet mode are more problematic then the Pro's Kickstand/Keyboard Cover pose to being a laptop.

    Like if you were going to get the Book the 13 inch size without discrete graphics in the keyboard base........I would say just get the nSP instead......but if you need the Graphics boost and the 15inch screen....the Book 2 looks pretty nice.
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    Please copy & paste and fill out this form, so we can better assist you with your tablet choice.
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    I've tried both but now that HP has joined the game with the zbook X2, I would consider that over the Surface book which I favor over the Surface Pro. The X2 has a dedicated nvidia gpu built into the tablet, unlike the Surfacebook which has it built into the keyboard, which I prefer to detach when I draw.
    The X2 is pretty slick and it's workstation-class so it can run anything you can throw at it.
    But if it was between the two you mention, I'd go Surfacebook.... but then I'm not sure about your needs and you should fill out that form above.

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