Surface Pro Cases Heat Dissipation

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by mgerbasio, Jul 15, 2017.

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    I'm thinking about getting a case for the Surface Pro like the Urban Armor Gear. It encases the SP in a rubber frame. I have the i7 and wanted to know if anyone with these type cases can comment about heat dissipation and performance. The SP gets warm without the rubber case, does the case cause the PC to run hotter and keep the fan on any longer? I see vent holes on the case but I would guess the SP back is also used to dissipate heat and with the case's rubber backing I'm guessing the device is going to run hotter and keep the fan on longer decreasing performance and battery life. Just my overactive imagination? Thanks.
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    A rubber case is going to provide some insulation, so seems reasonable that it will make it run hotter. I don't know that much about the i7 design, but from what I read about the i5 fanless design, the outer casing is a big part of the cooling, so anything inhibiting it from emitting the heat will work against that.

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