Surface Pro 4 Or Surface Pro (2017 Version) ?

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Which Surface Pro is worth it?

  1. Older Surface Pro 4 i5 with type-cover ($750)

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  2. Surface Pro m3 with type-cover ($940)

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  3. Surface Pro i5 with type-cover ($1140)

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  4. Wait for thanksgiving sale 2017 (Will the price beat ~$750)

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  1. PCB

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    Hello Everyone,

    I was considering buying a surface pro 2 in 1 laptop (I have never owned such a device in the past). I will primarily be using this machine for college, taking notes, browsing etc (Not a very heavy work load i think).

    At this stage, since the new 2017 surface pro is already available in stores, the price of the of the last generation model, i.e. the surface pro 4 has significantly dropped.

    I am currently seeing the i5, 128Gb, 4Gb Surface pro 4 with black type cover for $699 at BestBuy and after tax, its around ~$750. So, my question is should I bother investing in the new surface pro? The new model will cost me around ~1140 (with a type cover and after my student discount at the microsoft store and the tax). Is the cost for the new generation CPUs and the extended battery life worth it (around $1140 - $750 = $390)?

    Also, I could buy the lowest model of the new surface pro (m3 CPU, 128Gb, 4Gb) for around $940 (including the type cover, student discount and the sales tax), but that too is around $200 more than an i5 version of the older generation. Would the m3 surface pro outperform the older generation surface pro 4 i5?

    Lastly, would it make sense to wait for the thanksgiving sales? Would a model released just recently see significant price drop of around $350 - $450 during the 2017 thanksgiving sales? I feel it is too soon to see deals this thanksgiving (based on ads of the last two years and the time line for the product releases), but would appreciate others chiming in.

    Also could some one share their thoughts on the heat in the older generation models and microsoft's claim of ~13 hours battery life on the new model compared to the ~9 hours on the previous model.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. jnjroach

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    If you can afford it get the new one - it is fanless and the battery life is better, but if price is key get the SP4 and carry you power adapter in your bag and charge it at breaks or lunch and should be able to get through the full day.
  3. Kumabjorn

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    If I was in your position I'd go for a Surface Pro 4 but with 256 GB of storage, 4 years of college adds up and I think your saving will be even more significant.
  4. darkmagistric

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    If they do have a Thanksgiving/Christmas sale....I don't think it will be too much of a discount ....maybe $100 off or something.

    If I may ask, how many years are you expecting to get out of it? Like if your starting a four year college program and you expect the Pro to last the whole 4 years.....I would go for the new Pro. The additional cost is easier to justify if you factor it in as a 4 year long investment. Also the Pro 4 is almost 2 years old at this point....while it can hold up pretty well another 2-4 years.....maybe that will be a different story. I would also greatly recommend getting the more expensive 8GB of Ram option. Even if 4GB suits you fine another year....maybe you'll play around with graphic design, or photoshop......that 8GB of Ram will benefit you way more in the long haul then the SSD Storage or CPU generation. like even if you go for the Pro 4....get the 8GB/256GB config.

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