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Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by spinedoc77, Oct 6, 2015.

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    Man the M is tempting... Sounds like it's solid

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    Do I have to be a veteran on here to be replied to? Not been made very welcome and can't find answers I need before purchasing anywhere online, thought you folks might be able to help.
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    Where's your post so we can help? I tried looking for it in the last few pages but nothing. Even for us who have been here a while, our posts may slip through the cracks. Just quote your post and someone should help you soon. We're a very tight knit group and like giving each other a hand. Good luck! :)
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    Finally full details review of the m3 entry level version of SP4

    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Core m3) Tablet Review


    + gorgeous display panel with excellent brightness, contrast, and color rendition
    + passively-cooled m3 SoC and thus practically silent
    + vastly-improved Type Cover with great keyboard and touchpad
    + revised Surface Pen is terrific and included
    + fantastic build quality and attractive design
    + fast system performance and capable graphics
    + no throttling except under unreasonable synthetic stress
    + very good battery life
    + greatly improved rear camera


    - only one USB 3.0 port; no USB Type-C
    - no maintenance or upgrades possible
    - lap usage is still not comfortable compared to a conventional laptop
    - pricey, especially with Type Cover considered
    - NVMe SSD performance correction requires manual driver update
    - gets quite warm in some


    The quest for more power is enticing, but it’s not always the most practical of efforts. As we often seek to remind our readers, it is instead the balance of the different elements of the equation which defines a truly great mainstream device. That’s why the Surface Pro 4 Intel Core m3 model is so important: thanks to its passive cooling, it is foundationally a completely different device from the other SP4 candidates, and it succeeds for a completely different reason.

    Best of all, the arguably substantial benefits of lower power consumption, silent operation, likely superior battery life, and a complete lack of moving parts (which are prone to failure) come with very few practical compromises for the average user. Yes, CPU performance is below that of the Surface Pro 3 Core i5 configuration we previously reviewed—but overall, real-world system performance is probably closer to just around 20% lower (with no incidence of throttling under practical use), which is of limited concern considering how quick everything still feels.

    On top of this are the myriad other enhancements that span all of the Surface Pro 4 models. The screen is not only significantly brighter, but it also features a higher resolution and a markedly improved color rendition and gamut. The Type Cover has evolved from being a tolerable stand-in for a traditional keyboard to a terrific Ultrabook-grade input device, and the same goes for the enlarged touchpad below it. The Surface Pen is now included, and it feels better than ever.

    There is no question that this is far and away the best rendition of the Surface concept to date—and the first one that, despite limitations inherent to its design, might legitimately be considered as a suitable replacement for a conventional laptop.

    There are still negatives, of course. Port selection—with just a single USB 3.0 port and DisplayPort—is still rather desolate as compared to other notebooks. Maintenance is impossible. The price is very high for a tablet, and with the essential Type Cover ($130) included, the MSRP of $899 inflates to over a grand. And, of course, that pesky complaint about uncomfortable usage on the lap still remains unresolved.

    But the Surface Pro 4 is a unique product with a unique set of strengths—and now, after all these revisions, it’s really starting to make sense. Whether it makes sense for you is another question entirely, but suffice it to say that we’ve come away impressed.

    As for the SSD we have somethings very important think to maximize the performance especially in 4K

    Update (11/13/15): A solution to this problem was discovered after this article was written and the data was compiled. Installing the Samsung NVMe driver from this official downloads page corrects the 4K speeds in AS SSD and also provides a small boost to performance in CrystalDiskMark and other tests. We have updated the AS SSD results in our database to reflect this development.


    Here's the differences before and after firmware update



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    Are there any good video reviews for the i5 version? I love the idea of the core m, but given the cost, I can't help but feel that I'd be hamstrung with only 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.
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    Great review

    Might need a small proof read. :p
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    The i5 is only 4 or 8GB of ram..if you want 16 you need to go to the i7.
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    I have to say that I haven't had the BSODs that a lot of other people on this forum have had with their SP4. Except for a Video Driver Crash/Recovery every now and then on a browser, it's been pretty rock solid. Manga Studio has yet to crash on me while working (knock on wood). Apps on the Start Screen tend to not activate on a simple touch, and requires several taps till it activates. The News app is still crashy.

    The annoyances I've found is the Touch/Pen driver stopping every so often requiring a reboot. But the biggest issue I have is the SP4 not waking up from Hibernate with the Type Cover folded underneath, not until I fold it back into a typing angle where then it will resume quickly. It's a repeatable bug.

    I also find that I can't get the screen back after its shut off the display with a touch on the screen. I used to be able to do it with Windows 8, but not here. The lack of a Windows button makes me have to hit the Power button, which can get confusing because it then can bring the tablet out of Sleep, or put it into Sleep/Hibernate.

    First World Problems...
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    Try bumping your original post so we can see what you needed.
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    the benchmarks in the notebookcheck review are a little confusing, the xps 13 with a broadwell 5200U falls short of the 4300U in the SP3 on all tests, it's almost on par with the M3 in most of them. Shouldn't the 5200U beat the 4300U?

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