Surface Pro 3 vs. EP121 w/ Adobe CS3?

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by Lazer, Jun 28, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I've been rocking an ASUS EP121 as my main machine since it came out, with a few tweaks. However, I'm itching to get 8gb RAM, thinner, lighter, and faster. I've been holding out until something would beat the EP121 while keeping the screen size and the SP3 appears to be the obvious contender. ...but oh how sad I was to see the elimination of Wacom on this model :(

    So I'm hoping someone here who now has a SP3 also spent some time with the EP121, specifically in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I'm running the old school CS3 versions. With Photoshop I am doing detailed photo editing and not drawing. I do sketches in SketchbookPro and a lot of work in Illustrator.

    I just watched an SP3 review where the reviewer mentioned Illustrator being impossible to use with the SP3 pen - but I am curious if maybe he just never used Illustrator with a pen before - as I have exclusively used both programs with my Wacom pen for years now... So part of the question is if N-trig will work with CS3 (even if pressure isn't good, that's ok) or if I have to purchase a newer version, and then if for some reason the SP3 makes working in Illustrator impossible?

    One last "versus" is complicated - I understand the differences in the processors between both machines, but due to all the throttling and power scaling issues I've been hearing about - will I get performance bump from the SP3 I am looking for over the EP121? The memory boost is obviously great, but will I feel the difference in CPU speed with all the limitations MS has put on the CPU? To make the most of it, I would hold out for the i7, but I feel that comparing the EP121 to the i5 SP3 will really help me know if now is the time to move up to a Surface or not...

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