Surface Pro 3, or something else altogether?

Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by Cornelius Bubba, Sep 5, 2014.

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    To start with, no sane person would expect a 12" device to be their photography tool of choice. The gripe about the device's camera is that it a cannot focus on any object closer than 3 meters, not that it takes horrible pictures. I still have 24GB of storage left after installing the apps and programs I need on my 64GB surface pro i3 version. Finally the digitizer is dead right accurate. The most accurate I've ever used. No problems inking on the edges as in all the wacom devices I've used. So dude stop giving misinformations and stick to what you know.
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    Hi nnthemperor, I have a question, since we both have the tf810c, do you still have it?

    The question is if you are happy with the Surface Pro 3, since the ntrig pen is the only think holding me back from it initially although many people coming from wacom pens seem to becoming happier with it. Do you miss the wacom pen? Also I read the Sp3 screen is one of the best out there, very accurate colors, did it impress you the first time you turned it on?

    And the last question is that, as I use Sai for painting and it barely uses the cpu while drawing, is your i3 processor audible while the tablet is doing less cpu intensive things, like the aforementioned Sai panting, reading a webpage, etc? thanks a lot.

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