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Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by JoeS, May 20, 2014.

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  1. JoeS

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    A new year, a new awesome Surface Pro!

    The information below has been collected by forum members and edited by several mods. Thanks all!

    Screen size: 12" (WxH: 10" x 6.66")
    Resolution: 2160x1440 (3:2), 216ppi
    Weight: 1.76lbs (800g)
    Thickness: 0.36" (9.1mm)
    Ports: USB 3.0, microSD, Mini DisplayPort
    Cameras: 5MP / 1080p, front & rear

    Configurations (Processor, RAM, Storage):
    • i3 / 64GB / 4GB - 4th Gen i3-4020Y; Clock Speed 1.5 GHz (no turbo); Intel HD 4200
    • i5 / 128GB / 4GB - 4th Gen i5-4300U; Clock Speed 1.9 GHz (Max 2.9 GHz); Intel HD 4400
    • i5 / 256GB / 8GB - 4th Gen i5-4300U; Clock Speed 1.9 GHz (Max 2.9 GHz); Intel HD 4400
    • i7 / 256GB / 8GB - 4th Gen i7-4650U; Clock Speed 1.7 GHz (Max 3.3 GHz); Intel HD 5000
    • i7 / 512GB / 8GB - 4th Gen i7-4650U; Clock Speed 1.7 GHz (Max 3.3 GHz); Intel HD 5000
    All listed CPUs have 2 cores and 4 threads. "Max" stands for Maximum Turbo Frequency.

    Representative Benchmarks, PassMark (Higher is better)
    • i3-4020Y @ 1.5GHz ==> 2278
    • i5-4300U @ 1.9GHz ==> 3753 to 3786
    • i7-4650U @ 1.5GHz ==> 4232 to 4345

    - June 20 for i5 models (product page)
    - August 1 for i3 and i7 models (product page)
    - Available for in-store viewing since June 6

    Microsoft Links:
    - NEW: 30-second ad
    - Promo video
    - Store link
    - Press release
    - MS Blog post
    - Press Event Video

    Reviews and first impressions:
    - TPCR's Surface Pro 3 review
    - TPCR's Hands-On Preview
    - A super positive review by David Pogue with 'mac vs pc' spoof video
    - Lots of high-quality pictures in early impressions by The Verge.
    - Comparison pictures showing how thin this thing is by Neowin.
    - A huge in-depth review by AnandTech.
    - A surprisingly grumpy review on ArsTechnica with a lively comment section.
    - A nice detailed and neutral review by NeoWin
    - A positive but fairly neutral review by Paul Thurrott
    - Artist's review in early impressions by artist Gabe at Penny-Arcade (23May14)

    Video Reviews
    - Thunder E from BooredAtWork youtube fame is impressed.
    - In-depth review by Lisa Gade of YouTube fame.
    - Engadget demos the SP3 with lots of shots of the device in use. "Sponsored by MS Cloud".
    - A nice video demo of the pen in action by the one true Surface RT fan Sean Ong. :)
    - Another good video of the pen in action by
    - Review by the Apple fans at The Verge that sounds mostly positive. :confused:
    - a detailed look at the internal components by a MS engineer

    Comparison shot of the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 3:


    • 20% more battery life ("over 9 hours")
    • 10% faster (assuming SP3 i7 vs. SP2 i5)
    • 100% shinier (now silver)
    • A lot thinner
    • A bit lighter
    • Bigger screen, higher resolution, new aspect ratio of 3:2 ("15:10" )
    • More kickstand angles, out to 150deg (friction based)
    • New magnetic charging connector shape (image tracked down by jhoff)
    • Optional Type Covers with bigger trackpad and double magnet for improved stability
    • Combined power/docking port, so USB no longer obstructed when docked

    New accessories
    - new docking station with 3xUSB3, 2xUSB2, ethernet, audio, MiniDP up to 4k
    - new Type Covers with backlit keys (old covers work with SP3 as well)
    • Black
    • Dark Blue (Best Buy exclusive)
    • Cyan (Light blue)
    • Purple
    • Red (Microsoft exclusive)

    Other notable changes
    • N-trig battery-powered pen (1xAAAA and 2x#319 coin cells - battery life 'months not weeks')
    • Clickpad on the type cover
    • No Touch Cover or Power Cover optimized for the SP3. Power Cover for Surface Pro 2 will work on the Surface Pro 3, but obviously will not "fit" (completely cover screen when closed).
    • Optional pen loop, no more magnetic pen attachment. Pen loop attaches via adhesive pad.

    • i3-4GB RAM- 64GB - $799
    • i5-4GB RAM-128GB - $999
    • i5-8GB RAM-256GB - $1299
    • i7-8GB RAM-256GB - $1549
    • i7-8GB RAM-512GB - $1949
    Remember to check if you're eligible for Microsoft's 10% educational discount.


    Accessories pricing
    • Type Cover - $129.99 (Black, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Red)
    • Additional Surface Pen - $49.99
    • Docking Station - $199
    • Surface Edition Arc Touch Mouse - $69.99
    • Microsoft 36W Power Supply - $79.99
    • Surface Ethernet Adapter - $39.99
    • Surface Mini Displayport HD AV Adapter - $39.99
    • Surface Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter - $39.99
    • Complete for Surface Pro 3 (Enhanced warranty) - $149.99
    • Pen loop - $5 (seriously) :)
    • Battery replacement after warranty - $200 (from Reddit AMA)


    Comparison between the Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3, and Surface 2, from InformationWeek:


    The dock: from Liliputing


    The new maximum kickstand angle: from Liliputing


    The new flappy cover: from Liliputing


    Improved on-screen typing experience: from The Verge


    Proof that it's crazy thin: (from CNET review)


    Panos loves it:

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  2. jhoff80

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    I saw "over 9 hours" mentioned with regards to battery.
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  3. johnchad14

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    Remaining concerns for me:
    Pen tech surely can't be a step down with their emphasis on it, but will wait for confirmation
    The processors are what exactly? Broadwell, y series haswell...?
    Battery life. I'm distrustful with the highly variable results I got on my sp2 even only using a few mostly ms based office programs
    Last concern is just the one I've had in my mind...wouldn't I just be better off with an atom based system with good pen input? But I like what ms is doing with the surface and want to support it

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  4. Arcan Temival

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    Yes, docking station with 4k video out. IIRC, it was a similar design to the old one; two connectors that slide in from either side.
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  5. jhoff80

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    I think it has to be the Y-series Haswell. My guess is the i7 one will be the Core i7-4610Y. (1.7GHz, 11.5W TDP).

    I'm also curious if the Pro 3 finally adds Connected Standby or not.
  6. bugelrex

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    n-trig, not wacom. :(
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  7. jhoff80

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    A few more details about release:

    From The Verge.
  8. kornchild2002

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    Those aren't bad assuming the i3 64GB version doesn't step back in terms of performance compared to the current i5 64GB Pro 2 and it includes an SDXC/mSDXC slot with support for at least a 64GB card. That $200 price difference is more justifiable this time around rather than the previous $100 difference. With $100, and a 64GB card costing $40-$50, you might as well just spend the extra $50 and get the 128GB model. Now though, that's a $150 price difference for what will likely be a slightly faster CPU. It may not be worth it.

    I just wonder what the battery life is listed at, whether or not the pen is included, and what the keyboard costs. I also wonder if it will be included in Microsoft's recent promotion of getting $100 off of a PC $599+ along with their educational discount. If I could get the i3 version (assuming it has a memory card slot and the i3 isn't terribly slow) for $620, maybe $740 with the keyboard cover and pen I would pre-order it tomorrow at an MS store. I think I could even spend $840 for the i5 128GB edition. I just don't know how much they are going to nickel and dime customers with the Surface Pro 3 like they have continually done with the entire Surface Pro line.
  9. Kumabjorn

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    Did I see a mini display port next to the USB port? Or did I just imagine that?

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  10. johnchad14

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    I highly doubt they make standby more complicated after all the standby issues on sp2.. I've spent half my time owning it hoping it won't have drained when I take it out (I've stubbornly refused to just turn it off)

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