Surface Pro (2017) Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by spinedoc77, May 21, 2017.

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    <<...If the battery has very little charge capacity remaining, it would run through 10% quickly...>>

    ...I had the same thought, but, as usual, @JoeS beat me to it. (No wonder his avatar is a rabbit!) I have seen the postings elsewhere about accelerated battery depletion, but I would still suggest that you try running the battery down to ~5% and then fully recharging at least twice to 1) cycle the batteries and, 2) calibrate the battery life applet (to rule it out as an issue). However, based on your initial comment ("...Just got a barely used SP 2017 w/LTE..."), I don't think that you can rule out battery degradation due to long periods of idleness at 100% charge; it's unfortunate that many users treat their tablets this way. Is there any chance that you can contact the seller and enquire about this? It would confirm or refute a significant factor in trying to diagnose what might be wrong...?!??
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    Great points and thank you both! I think the 22 cycle count pretty much clinches your theory. Fortunately the seller has agreed to take it back and refund (my guess is he knew if the problem and its why a 1.5 yr old $1,500 Surface in mint cond was offered for $600! No free lunches!
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    Wow, amazing that the guy allowed a refund, there are still good people in this world! OK, would have been better if he wrote the charge issue in the description, but still. :)

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