Surface Laptop 2 vs. Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by manuelcalavera, Jan 15, 2019.

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    Hello everyone,

    I finally got tired of the keyboard and form factor of my Galaxy Book 12 and want to continue my life with again with laptops. It might seem weird to compare these two together but from all under 2K ultrabooks I narrow down my choices to these two -Surface Laptop 2 and Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen. i5/8GB/256GB is my selected configuration and my daily usage is simple tasks like emails, excel, browsing and attending meetings but I connect my laptop a lot to my monitor and home TV too a lot.

    What I like about Surface Laptop 2 is:
    - Amazing design and feel
    - Keyboard
    - Being Microsoft product
    - Already have Surface accessories

    What I like about X1C:
    - Many many ports: Display output becomes a lot easier and doesn't need any adapter. Transferring files would be a lot easier for me, charging becomes easier and such.

    Would help me a lot if you could help me decide.
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    I have an X1C6. If you want to know anything specific about it, I can help you. I haven't used a Surface Laptop, though, so can't compare. What I can tell you is that the keyboard is great, but the touchpad is just alright. It's pretty small, and seems to be using some kind of low pass filtering or temporal averaging. For example, if you wiggle your finger in small circles, it will ignore that motion. That's the one bad thing I've noticed so far.

    Edit: I have the FHD touch version. The touch response on the screen also isn't very good. For example, if you flick a web page quickly, it won't register the motion properly and 50% of the time it will scroll much slower than you flicked it.

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