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Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by Tourniquet, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Thanks for this Information. I will than use USB-C or charging using the SG Connector depending what power devices I carry.

    Yes, but for the TP10 it was overdue to do a change... but I was waiting for a SG with LTE. Now I got one für 599€. That is a fair Price, at least to me.

    Also Office 2019 works fine on the SG. I installed Office today, my SG is primary for Internet and writing, ....

    At all after this short time I am still impressed. The type cover is well made, and typing is really good. The TP10 keyboard with the "rubber keys" was never good...
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    Thought I'd check to see if MS was able to get some more speed out of the SSD with bitlocker on.


    I guess not!
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