Stylistic Q737 Kaby Lake is out

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by Yao, Feb 7, 2017.

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  1. Yao

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    Hello fellow mobile computing folks,

    Touch enabled computer with stylus is becoming so useful these days with so many apps including touch functionality. I used to think Touch was not necessary, but now I feel its a requirement to get the full computing experience.

    I used to own the HP Pro X2 612. It was great but the CPU was not a full Core U.

    I think this Q737 is overall a better choice than the Surface Book :)

    Fujitsu has released the latest Kaby Lake update to the 13.3" Q series called the Q737.


    Here are the specs:

    Model Q737
    Intel® 7th gen Core™ i7-7600U / 8GB or 16GB / vPro
    Intel® 7th gen Core™ i5-7300U / 8GB or 16GB / vPro
    Intel® 7th gen Core™ i5-7200U / 8GB / non vPro
    Operating system Windows® 10 Pro 64-bit
    Windows® 10 64-bit
    Base unit memory Supported capacity RAM Core i5@ 8GB, Core i5/i7@8GB or 16GB
    Supported capacity RAM (max.)
    Memory slot type

    LPDDR3 (1600 MHz)

    Hard disk drives (internal)1 SSD mSATA, 512 GB, Opal TCG
    SSD mSATA, 256 GB, Opal TCG
    SSD mSATA, 128 GB, Optional OpalTCG
    Hard disk notes One Gigabyte equals one billion bytes, when referring to hard disk drive capacity. Accessible capacity may vary, also depending on used software. Up to 20 GB of HDD space is reserved for system recovery Internal HDD interface: S-ATA III (6GBit/s)
    WLAN (optional) Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 (11ac/abgn) 8260 WLAN
    Wireless2 technologies Antennas 2x dual band for WLAN, 2x for UMTS/LTE, Bluetooth shared with WLAN
    Bluetooth® 4.0

    WLAN notes
    Import and usage according to country-specific regulations

    UMTS/GPS notes
    UMTS/GPS notes


    Bluetooth 4.0 LE integrated on WLAN module

    3G/4G Integrated 4G Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ EM7355 with GPS support (available post launch)2 Uses (3FF) Micro-SIM card. Slot is located on the left side of the tablet.Contact your service provider to obtain a (3FF) Micro-SIM card.
    GPS Integrated GPS module3
    General system information Chipset Integrated
    Chipset notes
    Supports iAMT 10.0, Intel® vPro™ requires Core™ i5-73xx & i7-76xx CPU, Intel WLAN 8260 ac/a/b/g/n, TPM module

    BIOS features
    BIOS Flash EPROM
    BIOS based on Phoenix SecureCore

    Display Display 33.8 cm (13.3-inch), IPS dual digitizer, Full HD, Glossy display, 1920 x 1080 pixel
    Display notes
    Wide-view bright LED display (for enhanced outdoor viewing).
    Integrated ambient light sensor for automatic backlight adjustment to the working environment.

    3-axis Accelerometer Gyroscope
    Ambient Light Sensor Magnetic Field Sensor

    Aspect ratio

    Brightness — typical
    300 cd/m2

    Dual Digitizer for pen input plus capacitive 10-finger multi-touch screen

    Ambient light sensor

    Ambient Light sensor notes
    While enabled, the ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display backlight

    Viewing angle (h/v) - typical

    Graphics TFT resolution (HDMI) 1920 x 1080 pixel
    TFT resolution (VGA)
    1920 x 1080 pixel Max. resolution external display up to 1920 x 1080

    Graphics brand name
    Intel® HD Graphics 620

    Graphics notes
    Shared memory depending on main memory size and operating system 3D accelerator

    Interfaces Memory card slots 1 (microSD up to 2GB, microSDHC up to 32GB, microSDXC up to 64GB)
    SIM card slot
    1 (usable only with 4G/LTE) The SIM card format must be Micro- SIM (3FF) to fit in the SIM card slot of your Tablet PC. Contact your service provider to obtain a Micro-SIM (3FF) card.

    USB 3.0 total

    Micro HDMI

    USB 2.0 total

    DC – in

    Audio: line-in / line-out

    Internal microphones
    2 (digital)

    Docking connector for Port Replicator

    Wired communications LAN via cradle or optional cable accessory Intel® 218LM
    Multimedia Audio type On board
    Audio codec
    Realtek ALC283

    Audio features
    Built-in microphone, 2x built-in speakers (stereo)

    Front camera 2 megapixel, rear camera 5 megapixel with autofocus and photo LED

    Power supply AC Adapter 19 V / 65 W (3.42 A)
    Rated voltage range
    100 V - 240 V (AC Input)

    Rated frequency range
    50 Hz - 60 Hz

    1st battery4
    Lithium Polymer battery 3-cell, 10.8V, 4250 mAh/ 46Wh. Runtime for 1st battery is 12 hrs and 20 mins

    2nd battery
    Lithium Polymer battery 3-cell, 10.8V, 4170mAh/ 45Wh. Runtime with 1st and 2nd batteries (in Power Keyboard Docking station): 17 hours 40 minutes

    Battery Charging time
    ~ 140 min

    Dimensions / Weight / Environmental Dimensions (W x D x H) Standard Shell tablet only: 12.56 x 8.19 x 0.5 inches (319 x 208 x 12.7mm)
    Standard Shell tablet with keyboard docking station: 12.56 x 9.76 x 1.17 inches (319 x 248 x 29.7mm)
    Standard Shell tablet with keyboard docking station w/ battery: 12.56 x 9.76 x 1.33 inches (319 x 248 x 33.8mm)
    Standard Shell tablet only: 2.15 lbs
    Standard Shell tablet with keyboard docking station: 4.13 lbs
    Standard Shell tablet with keyboard docking station w/ battery: 4.56 lbs

    Weight notes
    Weight may vary depending on actual configuration (including battery pack)

    Operating ambient temperature
    41° – 95° F (5 – 35 °C)

    Operating relative humidity
    Running: 20 - 85%; Packed 8 - 85% (relative humidity, non-condensing)

    Additional Software Additional Software (preinstalled) Additional software (Depending on your configuration) Function Manager,
    WorkPlace Protect
    Power Saving Utility
    Security User Security
    Absolute® BIOS Persistence Module
    User and supervisor BIOS password
    Hard disk password
    Integrated fingerprint sensor (optional) - mutually exclusive with Palm Vein
    Integrated Smart Card slot (optional)
    Embedded TPM Integrated
    Palm Vein sensor (optional) - mutually exclusive with fingerprint

    Compliance FCC Part 15B Class B and FCC Part 15C; FCC Part 15E; FCC Part 22/24/27; IC ICES-003 Class B and RSS-210;
    UL-cUL Listed; CE Marking; CB Generic Report, RF Human exposure Standard; ENERGY STAR® Qualified.
    Qualifies for treatment as U.S. Trade Agreements Act (“TAA”) compliant finished product
    Cradle DC-in 1 (19V)
    USB 3.0 total 4
    Ethernet (RJ-45) 1 (1000base)
    1 (Maximum resolution 1920 x 1080)

    VGA 1 (Maximum resolution 1920 x 1080)
    Warranty4 Standard Warranty One Year Fujitsu Standard International Limited Warranty, 24/7 technical support; Fujitsu extended service plans available
    Service Weblink

    Recommended Accessories Folio Cover
    Folio Cover (for Palm Vein model)
    Protective TPU Cover
    Keyboard Docking Station
    Keyboard Docking Station with Battery
    Performance Docking Cradle
    Hand Strap
    Additional Stylus
    Additional AC Adapter
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  2. Knight1248

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    What is the pen technology?
  3. Yao

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    I believe its Wacom EMR once again. The best techology and very rare these days. Wacom AES is taking over. AAAA batteries are a pain in butt. Perhaps the rechargable built-in battery of next gen Wacom AES pens will help but still not as convenient as a battery-less stylus :)
  4. IloveNY

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    wow I thought only N-trig uses AAAA battery... now Wacom does the same????
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  5. Yao

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    Yes. Every new 2 in 1 tablet that is Wacom its "Wacom AES" and it requires a AAAA battery in the big heavy pen now.

    Its very unfortunately. The main reason is the keep the tablets lighter weight and thinner.

    Wacom EMR is the best and so few 2 in 1's have it now.
  6. ATIVQ

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    Keep in mind that Fujitsu usually implements Wacom EMR wiith a very large air gap betweeen the surface of the display and the pixels themselves, and they have some of the most severe edge drift issues. The Q737 probably did little to fix this over its direct predecessors, the Q736, Q775, and Q704. Even though this is Wacom EMR, it doesn't quite compare to the MobileStudio Pro line.

    Yes, but that mostly speaks of the poor design of the Surface Book. With the exception of the EMR pen, it has very little to offer compared to its other competitors. With a viewing angle of 160 degrees, I doubt anyone would want this device, even business users.
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  7. Yao

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    There is youtube video of a owner of a Q775 who is extremely pleased with the Wacom EMR performance. the Q775 is leaps and bounds improved over the Q704 from what i read. I did not know about the gaps. Thanks for that information.

    I also did not know about the 160 viewing angle. Yes, my greatest worry about surface pro or surface book is the serviceability. Batteries can die fast and its immensely difficult to take apart the Surface Book. Its easy and simple to get inside the Q775, Q736 and Q737
  8. novo22

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    In q737stylus of wacom EMR it will be unambiguous look in those characteristics on a site. I had q704, now on Q665 and Q736 hands I assure you there is not present no problems with corners gaps.
  9. novo22

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  10. novo22

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    Product literature, As in accessories a stylus which is compatible to stylistic Q736
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