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    Since we didn't have an owner's thread already, I decided to create one.

    Ordering and unboxing:
    To start said thread here are some unboxing pictures as well as pictures of the device, stylus and of the folio case accessory.

    Device as configured:
    128 GB eMMC
    Recovery media included
    Standard Shell

    I think it's also important that I mention the ordeal that I went through when ordering the device. First, my bank refused the credit card transaction, not Fujitsu's fault and that was quickly fixed. Here's when it gets weird though. I place the order and goes on the credit card without an issue, so far so good. A day later, I receive an e-mail telling me that my order has been canceled due incorrect information. I call Fujitsu to veryfy my CC info and address, everything checks up, I get told to try to place the order again. After another failed attempt, I call again and speaking to a supervisor, it turns out that because Fujitsu couldn't look me up on Facebook or Google (more on that later), they actually refused the transaction even though, the CC info was correct, the billing and shipping addresses were correct and my bank approved the transaction. Back on the FB/Google issue, I do not have a Facebook and I try to make my presence on the Internet as minimal as possible (aka I don't want my personal life exposed for everyone to see). It turns out, that it's apparently a problem for Fuji, so I had to scan bills that proved that I actually lived where I said I did, send those to the customer support and then wait for the CS rep's call to process the order to make sure it goes through. Seriously, what is up with that, I mean, Amazon, eBay, NCIX, Newegg never had problem with that particular detail. On the bright side, I learned that I don't exist on the Ìnternet and I like it that way.

    Once that was done, there was a slight delay in production (always happens when I CTO something) and Fuji still has been faster building the tablet than Lenovo ever were making my Thinkpad Tablet 2 so they get points for that.

    Customer support was also excellent. I dealt with the French support for Canada by the way and those guys were a great help and they deserve the praise.

    My Q584 arrived this afternoon via Fedex and saying it was overly packaged would be an understatement. It came in boxes within boxes within boxes.

    Here are the photos of the box arrangement

    Box containing the tablet and the folio case boxes!AHAmmBBw-H2eDhs&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG!AA7wsCYsFi_GVEc&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG

    Boxes that were in the boxes!AE60IKzjI_lAAYw&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG!AChwAVeolPvnjXE&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG

    Package content of the Q584's box. Those include, stylus, tether, tablet, power adapter, manuals, warranty info, microfiber cloth and in my case recovery discs. Yes, discs, not a usb drive, what gives?!ADotSuh7z4SpcR4&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG!ANPGS0MZ91yVCj4&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG

    And now, the pièce de résistance, photos of the tablet, the folio case as well as a comparison of the size of the device with the Thinkpad Tablet 2 and my Precision M6700.

    Overall size:!AAJYS93hmClcbM8&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG
    Tablet in the folio case:!AL7LdUbwvcdZNnQ&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG
    Folio case area:!APLFgE0QmCpMRRk&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG
    Folio case thickness:!AHMc_Q4Qkm0DwFw&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG
    Stylus comparison:!AB6uK_ls3bjY5sU&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG

    I am currently in the process of doing Windows updates and setting up the tablet, I will come back with my impressions once that is done.

    Impressions on the Q584:
    Storage capacity on mine after installing a few modern UI apps is 81.7 GB of 98.5 GB. The 98.5 GB excludes the recovery partition which explains the missing storage space. For a tablet, it is quite the lofty amount of storage space.

    My display exhibits a slight backlight bleed on the bottom, nothing too serious. Default scaling is at maximum and I suggest you keep it that way. 150% is also still legible if you have good eyes. I could still read it, but the only eye problem I have is myopia. Other than that, the display is pretty nice, haven't experienced any issues really.

    Color results are finally here and this is what the Spyder4 Pro game me: 89% sRGB, 74% aRGB. It's nothing to write home about, but it is still good, Fuji could have done a lot worse. The display in my M6700 for comparison is 98% sRGB and 75% aRGB.!190&authkey=!AP-9e5LDtpH64nw&ithint=folder,
    Link to color profile:!187&authkey=!AAq2-6zj4mZXSho&ithint=file,.icm the .zip attached to this post is also the color profile, but if you want it uncompressed or if the .zip doesn't work for some reason, use the OneDrive link.

    A note on the Whites of the display,t hey don't seem as white at the whites on the TPT2, but I've seen displays that did whitepoint better than blacks and vice-versa so I'm not too worried about that.

    I am still waiting for that matte display protector though, I'll be on the lookout for it from time to time.

    After doing the set of Windows updates which I always do after getting a new Windows devices I tested the stock calibration. I will say this first: the calibration seems to have been made for the stylus tilted at the angle most people use to write and with the Windows button at the bottom. Set up that way, the calibration was surprisingly accurate, edge drift was less than I expected. I'm not sure if I will even recalibrate yet. The pressure curve also seems better than the one on the Thinkpad Tablet 2, the TPT2 went in ZOMG max pressure mode as soon as the stylus had any amount of pressure on it. The curve on the Q584 seems more normal and is in line with the one on my Elitebook 2760p.

    Aside from the static noise for which I have yet to pinpoint the exact issue (see known issues for more info), the sound is amazingly crisp. I wasn't expecting the Q584 to do such a good job at powering my Sennheiser HD25-1 II. If you have a pair of low~ish impedance audiophile headphones, you shouldn't be disappointed as long as the static noise doesn't rear its ugly head. I only played 320 kbps .mp3s (my personal balance between loosing too much sound quality and file size), but like I said, that thing packs a punch when there is no static.

    Onboard speakers sound like any onboard tablet speakers: uninspiring. They will do fine for watching videos, but don't expect to enjoy your music collection on them.

    Bay Trail performance:
    Is where the party's at. Thanks to a non crappy IGP (YES! I am looking at you clover Trail), web pages finally load almost instantly regardless of whether they're flash heavy or not. I will have to test my 10-bit .mkvs which Clover Trail refused to play properly at some point. I will, but no promises as to when I will actually do it. Hearing about Bay Trail offering good performance is one thing, experiencing it coming from Clover Trail is something else entirely. I get the same feeling as when I got my first SSD. If you have a clover Trail device and you have the cash, get a Bay Trail one, seriously, do it, you won't regret it.

    Extra RAM:
    While there is only 2.9 GB of RAM available out of the 4 on the stock config (I will have to go and play with the BIOS to see if that can be remedied at some point), the extra 1 GB of RAM makes a ton of difference as well. I have noticed that Windows tends to take its ease with more RAM. If you want an example of that, The same Windows install used to take ~800 MB of RAM on 2 GB, on 16 GB it took roughly 1.6 GB and on 32 GB it used 2.4 GB at idle. I didn't perform extensive testing, but those numbers along with general feel made me realize that Windows starts feeling at ease near the 4 GB RAM mark. That goes for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. That isn't to say that Windows will give you crappy performance on 2 GB of RAM, but expect to hit hard faults (getting to use the page file) more often than with more RAM and expect to use that page file more often as well which will definitely hinder performance.

    A quick BIOS check reveals that the BIOS itself sees 4 GB of RAM while the Os does not. If MS fixes connected standby on x64 Windows 8.1, I'll try installing x64 Windows 8.1 at that time.

    Wireless network performance:
    I don't plan on doing extensive testing unless someone asks, but there are still a few things I should mention regarding the wireless adapter. First thing it is a dual band adapter, it will do 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. I immediately connected mine to my 5 GHz network for better performance. I haven't experienced any signal issues so far. The real test however will occur next week at university on the 2.4 GHz network where there is so much interference the IT department issued a communication asking to cut back on wireless mice and such.

    Port selection:
    This tablet has everything a tablet needs, but the mini HDMI or mini DP connector. That tablet would have benefited a lot from a display out directly on it instead of having to rely on the dock. Here's hoping fuji releases an adapter that hooks up to the docking connector. PowerPoint presentations anyone?

    There is a button that brings up the "function manager" on the left side of the device. While it is nice, it would have made more sense in my opinion to include a rotation lock button instead. I will have to check whether it can be configured or not.

    The Windows capacitive button has a small activation delay from the moment you put your finger on it. This is likely to avoid bringing up the start screen if you happen to brush it with your finger or palm. I have yet to write extensively using the tablet, so I can't comment if it gets in the way for me when writing.

    Unlike on the Thinkpad Tablet 2, the micro USB port can actually carry data. I don't know how much power it will supply to devices you may want to charge, but it will carry data. If you have a micro USB to female USB adapter, anything goes as far as what you want to hook up to it. That port is USB2.0 only, it is not USB3.0.

    My initial benchmarks on the microSD slot show it to be connected through USB2.0. I have not shown the results, but I can always upload them should someone want them.

    Battery life:
    Needs a few days of testing

    Impressions on the folio case:
    The folio case is nice, but it doesn't have that thin and slick feeling that the Thinkpad Tablet 2 folio case had. It is by no means thick, but it's not exactly thin either. The tablet isn't as snug as the TPT2 in its folio cover either. That said, it is still a nice case and anyone getting the standard shell version without the keyboard dock should get one to keep the tablet protected in my opinion. I have one other minor annoyance about it: it is white and I mean really white. While that fits with the aesthetics of the tablet, it in my opinion should have been a light gray like the felt interior of the case is. It's a practical thing mostly: it will get dirty less easily if it is gray. The folio cover does not obstruct any of the ports on the other hand which was definitely an annoyance with the TPT2 folio case.

    Case dimensions: 274 mm x 195 mm x 20 mm.

    One thing that Fujitsu doesn't mention is that there is also a Folio case with Bluetooth keyboard that has a faux leather finish to it and is a middle ground between no keyboard and the keyboard dock. I suspect that accessory could fit pretty much any 16:10 10" tablet too. Unfortunately, I don't have the transformer pad infinity on had to test. I can take pictures of that accessory too if you'd like.

    For those of you wondering how the folio case works: ehre are some photos alongside the TPT2 case. It seems to me that a lot of people interested in the Q584 are coming from TPT2s and it's also one I own, so I can make comparisons.!184&authkey=!AMJG3sgaD4Mw-tE&ithint=folder,

    Windows Performance Assessment Tool!AEUvneAPVcgRqTc&v=3&ithint=photo,.PNG

    Some of you may wonder what the Windows Performance Assessment Tool (Winsat) is. It is what was used to crank up Windows Experience Index scores, you know those numbers that didn't mean much to a lot of people. Well, Winsat does actual benchmark tests, gets meaningful results in terms of data transfer speeds, framerates, etc. which were then converted to those numbers you saw in versions of windows prior to Windows 8.1. To get those numbers, open a command prompt as an admin, type winsat formal, then enter. This will run the assessment tool, then you can just type winsat query to get the numbers.

    GeekBench score: FUJITSU STYLISTIC Q584 - Geekbench Browser

    Storage (128 GB eMMC)
    CDM Q584.jpg

    Some pictures with and without flash under low light conditions:!ADWAh1ERzL3j9cs&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG!AHAhtUBZ-WC8WPE&v=3&ithint=photo,.JPG

    Random questions:
    Does the tablet lie flat: Yes, it does, it doesn't seem like it, but it doesn't tilt.

    List of known problems:
    Yellow display tint: seems to be mostly a thing of the past, but still be on the lookout for it.
    Static through headphones: I have just tested my Q584 with headphones and the problem appears to be intermittent and not necessarily related to whether I am touching the display or not. I'm getting the feeling that the static issue really is some kind of interference because using an external USB sound card with the headphones completely eliminates the problem. Note that using an external soundcard also completely bypasses the audio chip inside the tablet, so a driver fix is not excluded yet, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. I have just tested for DPC latency and there is no meaningful latency what so ever, if anything the tablet is pretty solid on that front.
    Backlight bleed: My unit has a tad of backlight bleed on the bottom. Nothing I would personally consider a dealbreaker, but YMMV

    Things not tested so far:
    USB 3.0 performance
    System performance (CPU, storage, memory, etc.) Now partly done
    Camera (partially tested)
    Microphone array

    Setting up your Q584:.
    Before I start, that one is entirely subjective and I have to mention that I live in a Windows world. I own windows computers, Windows tablets and a Windows phone (HTC 8X). So for those of you in a similar situation (it's a quite lovely situation by the way).

    First thing I did and that in my opinion you should do is to get rid of McAfee, seriously, DO IT. Once that is done, do your Windows updates and then move on to installing your programs. I should mention that the out of box experience set up by Fujitsu doesn't require you to create a Microsoft account and doesn't even imply that you need to. It's slightly different than the stock Windows 8.1 out of box experience. I suggest you don't use a Microsoft account for now.

    Once you've updated Windows, I would create a new user account with your MS account if you use one. That is one I always create as a standard user without administrator privileges for the sake of safety. You don't need to do this, but if I were you, I would do it instead of running my MS account as an admin.

    After setting your account(s), it's time to move to installing your programs and apps. In my case, it was MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, MPC-HC, CCleaner, Office 2013, Netflix, Kindle, Windows Phone, Fresh Paint, Drawboard PDF, Snes8x, Xbox Smartglass and that pretty much covers it. The OneNote app is already installed and there is no bloatware apps unlike on that Thinkpad Tablet 2. Fujitsu gets point for very little bloatware, but -100 points for including McAfee. If you include an AV trial, at least include something that doesn't behave like a virus...

    You may also want to register your fingerprints to log in. I find it more elegant than a picture password and easier than typing in my 16 character password.

    Useful info
    Using dongles
    Getting the eraser on other Wacom pens to work

    You will also see me edit this often as I add more and more info.

    Also, I would have liked to upload actual images, but they are a) humongous b) imageshack which was my image host has changed policy so I can't really use it anymore and c) imgur was trolling me, so no uploading there either. If someone knows of a way to embed images in an elegant fashion from skydrive, let me know how and I'll do it.

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    I believe a hdmi dongle is available for the mini port by the power cord door.

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    Yes, dongles are available, but video through USB is meh if you ask me. The docking port is defintily capable of video out too.
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    I will ask here because if it's like on NBR, some features may be disabled for some sub forums.

    Can we use spoiler tags, they don't seem to work, so I'm guessing not, would be nice if we could get some though.

    Is HTML code enabled for the Fujitsu sub forums, I tried embedding images, didn't work, so I'm wondering whether it is or not.

    Attachments are resized automatically, would it be possible to get them as clickable thumbnails instead. I had to upload my benchmark table screenshot to a host because it was resized way too small.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for bumping before 24 hours.

    On an unrelated note, I added the various folio case orientations as well. I will take requests if they are within my power, but please ask here and not in another thread, it's easier to keep track.
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    Do you think you could run geekbench on the q584? Thanks!

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    I know four hours isn't enough time to say for sure, but it seems I got a good one. I'm not seeing or hearing any of the problems, unless you count the slight yellowish tint (I'd call it "warmer").

    I tried really hard to hear the static with my Sennheiser HD 555 headphones plugged in. Movies, YouTube, classical music - only once did I detect static and that was when Nokia MixRadio was switching tracks, so I don't think it was the Fujitsu.

    No light bleed around the screen or through the "Fujitsu" logo. No squishiness or separation anywhere around the bezel/edge.

    ... The only actual problems so far were Microsoft not accepting my User ID at first and there's one photo editing program (ACDSee Pro 6) that doesn't display its UI elements correctly no matter what the scaling. I even tried to set to to ignore scaling in the configuration. No go.

    Oh, and the silly recovery partition is 16 GB and I can't find a way to delete it - I have the recovery disks Fujitsu sent. I even tried to create a recovery thumb drive to get it to offer deletion and it wouldn't. The first part where there's a checkbox for copying the partition to the flash drive is greyed out and unselectable, so maybe that's it. Only 24 GB free on this 64 GB version and I still have some programs I want to install. I could really use that 16 GB.

    The stock Wacom drivers interfered with my Microsoft Desktop Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse, changing the mouse to a Wacom device with a yellow ! icon. I searched the internet and found the solution: update device driver, let me choose, choose from a list. The MS USB driver is in the list and when chosen everything works dandy.

    Preliminary verdict (subject to change): it's a true successor to my TPT2, better in every way.
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    By the way, how did you find the sound quality, were you surprised like me? I found the TPT2 quite good, but the Q584 sounds better in my opinion, more on the "bright" side while the TPT2 had a darker signature.
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    The sound quality with headphones is indeed stupendous. But I'm not audiophile enough to rate "darkness" and such. ;)

    An unexpected joy is the fingerprint sensor. A snap to set up, no trouble with it reading a sloppy swipe, the position on the back makes it easy to use with my right index finger, and it even worked for entering my MS ID in the Metro Store when it asked. No more switching to a non-secure simple four-digit code for wakeup because typing in my long, secure MS ID is such a pain! Every tablet should come standard with one of these.
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    Indeed, I wasn't expecting to find the FP reader so useful, but it is!

    Speaking of which, how did the Clover to Bay upgrade fell like to you?

    Oh and by backlight bleed, I mean bleed on the display are, something I have seen on every display, it is very minimal, but there is a small are on the botton (a line really) that is slightly brighter than the rest of the display. There is no bleed around any edges. There is a small gab at the top where the sliver lining is, but my guess is that it's only cosmetic and doesn't actually affect the "spill proofness" of the tablet.
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