ST5112 Problem with Hard Buttons

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by nerys, Feb 24, 2011.

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    I have a strange problem with my ST5112 and the "hard buttons" on the edge of the unit.

    sometimes they do not work. at all. I THINK I am noticing a trend now.

    when I turn the machine on from off they work (so far 100% of the time)

    When I "reboot" the machine they FAIL to work 100% of the time.

    NOW note THEY WORK at boot up either way. I know this because I can press the bios or boot button and it works. it also works 100% of the time to let me select xp or 7 (dual boot) was wondering how I would handle that but the buttons work fine during boot.

    but once in windows they WILL NOT WORK if I "restarted" the machine.

    I have to actually power it down to off and then turn it back on. I don't have to pull the battery or anything but I have to shut down not restart.

    once working they stay working. they work fine after suspend etc.. no issues but if I hot restart they FAIL to work when I get booted back up (but still work at bios and boot selection)

    suggestions? my guess is windows is "doing" something hinky on reboot or something.

    Also can I customize the buttons? ie change their function?

    I noticed that the TOP button (A11) ?? at least thats what it seems to say on the button) does not do anything if I press it but if I press and hold it opens task manager.

    can I assign that a key? (like F12 or something like that)

    also anyone got drivers to make the buttons work in windows 7? I get an error on boot and no button access in 7.
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