Sp5 imminent?

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by soh5, Mar 13, 2017.

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  1. dstrauss

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    That's a good analogy for this whole update - "Atchoo" - "excuse me"
  2. kvoram

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    As for the thread-naming "imminence" of a SP5, I think the upcoming SP refresh/update is spelling doom for that. I think the same might apply for the Surface Book 2.

    The leaked pics point to a June 18 release for the Surface Pro refresh together with the Surface Laptop. An event for the Fall Creators Update would be only 5 months after this hardware update. Not to mention that the global rollout for the SP refresh will probably drag itself into fall on its own.
    So just like with the Performance Base update for the Surface Book, I think this refresh will now mean a real delay and no true SP5 for the rest of 2017. I seriously doubt Microsoft would release such an admittingly minor hardware update so late in the year if they had planned a "big" update just a short while after.
    While there are now plenty of viable SP4(refresh) competitors in the market or announced, MS still doesn't "need" a SP5 right now. And Panos itself said that the SP4 is a great device for a long time to come.

    For a potential Surface Book 2, I also see that as unlikely for 2017. The Book does compete somewhat with the Laptop. They are different but I guess a big chunk of potential Book buyers would also be fine with the Laptop. Many people still see the Book as mainly a great laptop. I think in terms of marketing, MS might think it would be wise to give the Laptop some room to conquer the market and a longer timeframe of being in the spotlight and not to be overshadowed by a Surface Book 2.

    In addition to that MS is probably still thinking about when they should introduce USB-C/Thunderbolt 3. People would expect it even more with a high-end Surface Book 2. Arguing now that USB-C is not there yet, they couldn't implement it in a fall device, which again would make people angry/disappointed. We know that with the Surface Laptop USB-C prototype they had actually replaced the Surface connector there, so this might be a bigger decision. So the eventual switch (or addition) from Surface connector to Thunderbolt 3 is probably happening in 2018. Another big Windows 10 update is happening in Spring 2018, so that might be a good time to come out with a SP5 and SB2 and bring USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 into the Surface line.

    Another reason for my speculation is that Microsoft might want to focus on other stuff at their 2017 fall event. MS is talking a lot about 3D/AR/VR/MR. We know that several OEMs are working on cheapish VR headsets for Windows that will be released in the fall/winter. It ties well into the Fall Creatoprs Update, so VR could a big topic then.

    Beyond this we also know that fall/winter is the expected timeframe for the first Windows-on-ARM devices. This is also something very important for MS. Those will probably all feature LTE, so things like always connected/cloud-everything would tie into that.

    While the ongoing Surface products are important to Microsoft, I think expanding into different device categories and new markets is higher up their agenda.

    These are just my two cents, sorry to be a downer...:(
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  3. Azzart

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    If Microsoft starts working seriously on VR I'm doomed: between that and the Playstation VR I would likely spend half the day with a headset on.
    It's just amazing. :D
  4. darkmagistric

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    But they've done exactly that before. A minor updated Pro 2....and then 7 or so months later, massively redesigned Pro 3 with the same internals as the Pro 2 for the most part.

    Or here's a scary idea....what if those leaked peaks, and rumors of them dropping the 4 off the Pro brand......isn't for a hardware refresh at all. Despite speculation that the edges might be a bit more rounded off....this new "Surface Pro" may just internally be the the same skylake based Pro 4. The entire May 24th show could literally just be for the new colored type covers and matching pens and mices.

    Kind of like when they updated the Surfaces Book's keyboard dock.....while leaving the base clipboard exactly the same. Granted that did at least bequeath a few tangential benefits to new buyers...but this entire thing could be just a glorified accessory debut.

    Now to the reverse end of this......If I had a pipe dream.....er...I mean Wish list

    The Pro 4 will get a Kaby Lake update and just be called "Surface" where as Microsoft will then unveil the new redesigned "Surface Pro" featuring an updated Pro Pixel Sense Pen, 4k screan, Quad Core 28W or higher i5/i7, and thunderbolt USB-C ports.
  5. sonichedgehog360

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    It is the Italian derivative of the Japanese-made Ultrasuede.
  6. southdunes

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    The internet is a little slow to react to this AMs Surface Pro release, but here is the skinny from the Verge:


    - Kaby Lake
    - Fanless i5
    - Iris Plus graphics in the i7
    - 50% better battery life, sleep improvements
    - Pen no longer included and costs $99 (!), has improved pressure sensitivity, tilt detection, and reduced latency
    - LTE coming later this year
    - Available for preorder today, but no sign of it on the MS website yet
  7. DRTigerlilly

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    Can we keep all subsequent discussion in this thread
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