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Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by Taikero, Sep 5, 2013.

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    Guys my country (Argentina) on (outlet) store .. there are a couple of Sony Vaio s Fit and Duo and they are dirty cheap :3 ..400 u$d each one ! wii )
    Sony Vaio Flip 13.3"
    and another flip 14" ( the guy from the store said that he will receive later a flip 15" )
    Sony Vaio Duo 13.3"
    this will be a cool thing coz I want something for art+ photoshop+open canvas.. and I plan to buy a sp4 pen (thanks Surfacepro artist and Steve S. :)
    now heres the thing .. I was reading some of the late pages of this thread and some ppl reported:
    - Crash and Restart issues.. - Cracked screens or lcd screen suddenly start with a small crack and then it cracks competently ,.. Ram issues ..
    So .. are there (here) any users that can advice or tell me if I need to be careful to something in particular?
    Duo or Flip look like the same to me .. both i5 with 8 gigs of ram .. I think one of the flips is i7 ..but not sure.. hm :/
    Duo or Flip both has construction quality issues or both are the same and a big "meh" buy whatever is nicer ,.. ?
    did someone used them with photoshop and n trig pen?
    ( or better save the bucks and later order other tablet that can be with less issues .. ? ( its not the point of this question but if they have lot of troubles I will go for something like a SP4 .. or SP3 . :p ,
    but sony s are here .. right here in my country and very cheap :3 <3 haha )

    I know that "maybe " this is a question for "what tablet should I buy " but I think that there are so many ppl asking it and Im more toward hardware quality ..rather asking between brands ..
    but if I better post this there no problem :) .
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    hi guy ive got the sony flip 15a and have started to use it again .ive tried the surface pro 4 pen with it and it seems good can you please tell me can I use the eraser in most of the art programs ,is there a way of config it im using the flip with windows 10
  3. Steve S

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    <<...can you please tell me can I use the eraser in most of the art programs...>>

    ...The answer should be yes, but member surfaceproartist may be able to give you a more specific answer...
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