SonarPen- a cheap pressure sensitive stylus that supports both Android and IOS

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by crazycat, Apr 28, 2019.

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    This came out as a successful kickstarter for an affordable stylus. Having both pressure sensitive and palm rejection, with support for both IOS and Android, this stylus only cost $34. As far as I know, other stylus that have those features by Adonit and Wacom cost $70+ and only support Ipad.

    Of course, there are cons so the Sonar pen can be that cheap:
    -the pen have to be wired to the tablet or phone via headphone jack, (the pen is battery-free, pressure data and power come from the headphone jack)

    -the pen tip is a clear dish that might take some getting used to.

    -the pen is a bit big and awkward.

    -palm rejection might vary between Android devices because not all touch screen are made equal.

    -art app support is still limited, but some popular app like Medibang, artflow, ibis paint are already supported.There are still more app to be supported.

    There are no windows support yet, (prolly because the developer didn't have enough fund to write windows driver) but this pen is the closest to an universal pen with full feature that I had seen. The price is also a lot cheaper than other smartpen, and it can work on any budget Android phone or tablet, not only limited to the iPad.

    Sure, it looks big and awkward, has a cord, and is in no way comparable to the experience of a real active digitizer,but it seems to be an interesting universal solutions for affordable inking.
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