Solving brush lag issues with Photoshop CS6 + W8.1

Discussion in 'EP121 Slate' started by TheDrake, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. TheDrake

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    I have investigated extensively the ways to have Photoshop CS6 run smoothly under windows 8.1 (and most likely plain 8 as well)

    As far as I've seen you have 3 options:

    Option 1

    Give up and don't use opengl acceleration

    PRO: Fast strokes
    CON: No scrubby zoom, pixel aliasing

    Option 2

    Use the ASUS hosted graphic driver (2226), photoshop will complain at about the unsupported gpu but will let you use some basic acceleration.

    PRO: Fast strokes, scrubby zoom
    CON: You'll be stuck with a opengl 1.1 driver (or whatever version it handles)

    Option 3

    Use one of the newer drivers (I'm using modded 2827 currently), open Photoshop with "Basic" acceleration and do the following:
    • Open intel's graphic panel, either simple or advanced mode
    • Tick and untick one of those options that open the "Preview" window (like color optimization or whatever) and close it.
    • Leave the intel graphics panel running (you can minimize it if you wish).
    • Have fun painting.
    Doing so GREATLY reduces the stroke lag. Not as fast a software mode but fast enough for drawing comfortably.

    PRO: Good stroke speed, scrubby zoom, better opengl support
    CON: Not as fast as software mode (and still slow under battery saving profiles)

    In all the cases I use the following setup: latest wacom feelit drivers, 2827 intel driver, throttlestop to disable prochot, high perf profile and high perf profile on the intel graphics panel.

    You must be wondering how I came up with this workaround, well, I was hypotizing that the slowness might have been caused by some opengl function being emulated via CPU by the newer intel hd graphics drivers (or just another adobe's bug), I then proceeded at testing all options available under the intel graphics panel and noticed that messing around with it I had times in which photoshop ran at good speed, so I started excluding all that did not impact the result and here we go...
    I'm still unsure on what is causing the slowdown, a vsync issue ? What change does intel's panel do when you open and close the preview window ? Why the effect ceases as soon as the panel is closed ?

    I'd be interested in hearing your feedback, also about other versions of Photoshop and gfx drivers (if any of you is using 8/8.1).

    p.s: Use double tap-drag to pan the canvas with the touch, otherwise it'll jump on the top left corner, (double tap also unlocks the tiny scrollbars under panels like brush presets)

    - Drake
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    This is quite interesting, thanks for sharing this!

    I have Photoshop CC / Win 8.1 (with modded 2827 intel drivers and modded 704 bios) and the performance seems the be the same regardless if I have the Intel gfx preview window open or not. The largest change comes from setting the gfx acceleration level in PS down from Advanced to Basic.

    I think your right in that this must be related has something to with the way PS is calling OpenGL...
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