Soldering involved?

Discussion in 'Axiotron Modbook' started by Barla Von, Feb 3, 2008.

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    I'm just curious here.

    Has anyone confirmed if there's any soldering involved with the Modbook upgrade kit?

    I only ask because this is a huge indication of the kit's quality (internally). The logic board in the Macbooks provides everything Axtiotron needs to do what they do properly- primarily display and USB (via the Keyboard/Trackpad's connector).

    With all these delays I'm reading about- I'm wondering exactly what's going on in there. It should take a decent tech about 25 minutes to drill down and remove the LCD/keyboard/trackpad, and maybe another 25 minutes to properly prep the Macbook, plug in the Wacom/GPS, display, and iSight/mic, then bolt it in. So that's just under a hour for one modbook.

    I'd think at that rate- maybe 10 people doing 80/day, we'd be hearing more about these units being shipped and received, rather then *nothing* past 3-4 individuals.

    Which makes me wonder- if production is as low as it //appears// to be (from an online perspective), then they'd be pushing 10/20 modbooks a day. That leads me to wonder what in earth Axiotron is having them do to these Macbooks... And why Axiotron isn't offering it as a standalone upgrade kit for techies such as myself (I'd gladly do it in my workshop, and spare the wait).

    Food for thought, I guess. (Personally, I'm canceling from OWC, and going to give Carbon a chance. If they can't give me a straight answer, Hello LE1700...).

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