SOLD: HP Pro Slate 12.3" Android 5.1 Qualcomm pen $250

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    ) [Name of Product and specifications goes here *Required]
    HP Pro Slate 12

    2) [New, Used (for how long) or Refurbished *Required]
    Bought as a refurb, looked brand new. Of course I put a scratch on the back in the one day I owned it before the cover came. :( Used primarily for reading sheet music for about a year and a half, always in the HP smart cover. I'm using the surfacebook clipboard for gigs now.

    3) [Post an image of your product. Must be a picture of the actual product you own.] Google photos preview doesn't seem to work, but if you right click on the broken image and "open in new tab" you should see it. More images on the craigslist post:


    4) [Price or Trade *Required]
    $250 shipped CONUS, discount for local pickup

    5) [Payment methods accepted *Required]
    Paypal, discount for cash and local pickup

    6) [Shipping methods, Shipping locations (Overseas, Interstate, Local, etc.) *Required]
    Shipping to the CONUS only.

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    ebay id is jackoinabox
    I've bought and sold several things through this forum as well.

    8) [Additional comments about the item] (Reason of sale, Warranty information, etc.)
    Condition is excellent except for a scratch on the back (see pictures), because of course that would happen the one day I owned the tablet before the cover came. The cap to the pen cracked, so I put a piece of tape around it. I have the original charger, but not the original USB cable. Any USB A to micro cable will do. Charges via micro USB, so really any micro USB charger will get the job done.

    See this review for more information:
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