SOLD - FS - Lenovo Ideapad Miix 700 - Golden, Core M5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD + extra pen - $500, OBO

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    1) [Name of Product and specifications goes here *Required]

    Lenovo Ideapad Miix 700
    -Core M5 (fanless)
    -8GB RAM
    -256GB SSD
    -2160x1440 screen resolution

    -Comes with two active pens (1 is the lenovo active pen that comes with it, and I bought a wacom bamboo stylus that I liked better that I am including with this item as well)

    -Includes everything else that normally comes with the item. Active pen, type cover, pen holder, charger and usb cable, etc.

    2) [New, Used (for how long) or Refurbished *Required]

    I bought it about 13 months ago, and it has only seen very minimal use in that time. maybe 40 to 50 hours in total of light reading and sketching. the screen has no scratches, no dead pixels. Has a little light bleed at top and corners, but this is apparently well within the normal amount of light bleed for this device (did a lot of checking when I bought it -- During normal use you barely notice it outside of the pitch black boot screen.)

    It a smudge or two on the back that I think can be polished out. Pretty much no scratches on the back casing.

    3) [Post an image of your product. Must be a picture of the actual product you own. You must provide pictures of it to show the condition and demonstrate it is in your possession (ie: picture of tablet with your TPCR username also in the picture or a picture of TPCR website on your tablet's screen showing you logged in and your username inked on the tablet to prove the digitizer functions).
    ....*Required if the item is valued at $100+ or offered for trade.

    Let me know if these images in the link are working properly:

    4) [Price or Trade *Required]

    I am looking to get $500 for this item, but I am willing to accept offers, so feel free to shoot me any offers you want. The worst that happens is I say no.

    5) [Payment methods accepted *Required]

    I accept paypal. please pm me for my paypal address if you would like to buy it.

    6) [Shipping methods, Shipping locations (Overseas, Interstate, Local, etc.) *Required]

    please add $20 for shipping.

    I will ship it out with solid packaging, and include insurance and tracking.

    I only ship to the continental United States

    7) [Feedback for reference]. (Ebay, Previous TPCR sales, etc.) If you do not have feedback please state so. Do not leave this section blank! *Required]

    I've been selling on Ebay since the early days of the site. I've currently been selling a lot of vintage toys, so I have a lot of current good feedback, but I have never had a negative feedback left in all my time using the site. I currently have this item up on ebay as well, so you can see my profile and the ebay listing i have for this exact item up here:

    8) [Additional comments about the item] (Reason of sale, Warranty information, etc.)

    You can find my posts on this item on this forum, so you can see how I've personally reviewed it in its dedicated thread. Overall, I really love this item, and am annoyed that I need to sell it. But I bought this item to be a mobile sketchbook, and I have found that all devices that use AES pens fall short of what I personally need. So I intend to sell this to buy a Galaxy Book 12, which uses an EMR pen and meets my artistic needs. (AES pens have some specific problems in clip studio paint, which is the only art program that I use.)

    Otherwise, everything else about this device is wonderful and if its pen did not have the typical AES/N-Trig jitter problems, then I'd not be selling it.

    It has a great screen, a good form factor, and a decent type cover (it could be better but it is plenty good enough for me) The speakers are not too bad either.

    It throttles a little bit due to being a fanless M3 processor, but generally it is very snappy. And even though I went with the slower processor because i am very sensitive to noise and did not want to hear a fan, I went for the high end of ram and SSD space, and did not regret it. Even with the low end CPU I found it ran a program like Clip studio pretty flawlessly (as I mentioned before though, the pen is the problem with that program)

    But I only used this really for three things, reading e-books/digital comics, light computing (script writing/email, youtube/social media), and sketching/note taking.

    As a note taker, the AES pens are great. They are very accurate and easy to write with.

    So, as i mentioned above, I am kind of annoyed that I need to sell it for one very specific reason. Otherwise it is an excellent device for productivity and light computing.

    *I bought no extended warranty with it, and given that I bought it over a year ago, the normal factory warranty is now gone.
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    Your photo of the spec sticker shows “Intel 6Y54”, which is the better m5 processor, not the m3. It might be a bit easier to sell if your listing reflects that. Good luck!
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    Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I'll edit my listings to reflect that. I had an M3 SP4, so I guess I didn't realize the difference between the two.

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