[SOLD] For sale Toshiba Dynapad N72 shipping from Canada

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    1) Toshiba Dynapad, N72 12" 4gb ram 64gb storage

    2) condition: Used, used for approx. 6 months. No scratches, no dents or scuffs, I babied it like crazy.

    4)asking 300 USD/400CDN, I'm open to trade if it's for a Samsung Galaxy Book 12" 8gb ram version (would trade plus cash towards it)

    5) PayPal, or etransfer within Canada (although I think the latter is unlikely)

    6) Will ship worldwide, shipping cost extra

    7) I apologize for not having any feedback on this site, I've been a lurker for a year or so. I do have an eBay profile but am more of a buyer than a seller. For what it's worth you're welcome to take a look: my username is cyberkun

    8) if you guys look on the Dynapad thread here, I had an issue with the pen (much like another user), I ended up getting the entire device and pen replaced by Toshiba ( a new unit) that hasn't had a single issue since I've been using it since December. In fact, with how light it is and the rubberized back, it's great to use. I'm just looking to upgrade to something a bit more powerful, and with Wacom emr instead of AES. I'll also throw in a four pack of AAAA batteries for the pen

    Feel free to ask me any more questions. Shipping from kitchener, Ontario.

    Note: Tapatalk keeps failing to add a photo of showing the pressure sensitivity.

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