Software Review of Recommended Linux Applications

Discussion in 'Linux on Tablet PC Forum' started by Kyle Porter, May 31, 2009.

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    Software Review of Recommended Linux Applications
    By Kyle Porter (kpvic)

    Purpose: IIRC/ Instant Messaging
    Similar windows program: Windows Live Messenger

    Emesene is a fully functional instant messaging client built to mock Windows Live Messenger. Overall it has an extremely similar feel, while maintaining its own uniqueness. It does exactly what it needs to do, and does it well. For users hesitating to switch, this will make the switch less of a shock. Also it is of a much higher caliber then most other messaging clients I have seen so far.


    Purpose: Notetaking application
    Similar windows program: Windows Journal

    Xournal is one of the most recommended Linux tablet applications today. It is one of the only ones that can correctly ink, while looking nice and performing well at the same time. Unfortunately OneNote does not work under Linux (well the inking doesn’t), so this is your only real option besides Evernote (which must be run in either wine or crossover).


    Purpose: Email client
    Similar windows program: Microsoft Outlook

    Thunderbird is the only program that hasn’t really impressed me. Yes it’s free, but it also feels very basic. Users coming from outlook 2007 will immediately want to go back in most cases. That being said, it is a great little application and you get what you pay for. I've found most email applications don't match up to Outlook 2007, but that is mainly a matter of preference.


    Purpose: Bittorrent Client
    Similar windows program: Utorrent

    Torrents are the fastest way to obtain most files today (keep it legit people). Deluge is a great torrent application that is extremely similar to Utorrent. Its small, lightweight, and is extremely feature rich.


    Purpose: Multimedia Player
    Similar windows programs: Itunes

    Can't move over because you absolutely NEED Itunes? Well banshee is the next best thing. It is a great audio and video player, along with the fact that it can sync all your portable media devices.


    Office 2007 Running Under Crossover
    Purpose: Office Suite
    Similar windows programs: Office 2007 Not Running Under Crossover :p

    It wouldn't be right if i didn't mention Office 2007. For the most part it runs exactly like the Windows version, with a few exceptions.

    Known problems:
    - No inking in OneNote
    - Outlook 2007 does not allow configuration to gmail accounts (at least for me)
    - Can't receive windows security updates

    Besides from those few problems, it is still the best office suite on the market.

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