Smoother pen pressure for T904?

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by ensignlangley, Feb 27, 2016.

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    Hi, first post here! I got a used T904 with a broken hinge for really ridiculously cheap ($80) because I just draw on it, so it didn't really matter that the hinge was broken. I mainly use it for drawing in Manga Studio. I didn't have anything to compare it with before but I recently got a Lenovo X220 tablet and I'm noticing a difference in the pressure sensitivity. On the X220 it goes from big to small strokes more gradually and the Fujitsu tends to be more abrupt in getting to bigger strokes. Is there any way to tweak this. I've read through the forum and tried a couple of things but I can't seem to make a difference. Is this a lost cause???
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    Nope! You have a couple of options.

    In the wacom driver, you can try changing the pen tip to firmer and see if that feels better. I have a similar problem with the pressure curve on my TPT2, and changing the pen tip sensitivity one notch firmer definitely improved the too-thick-too-fast problem.

    You can download this tool for adjusting pressure curves. You can fiddle with it until you find a pressure curve you like. The only real annoying thing is that you'll have to restart your art program each time to test out every change.

    Lastly, since you use Manga Studio, you can change the pressure curve of each pen itself! But you probably want a more global solution than have to go pen by pen and change each pressure curve.

    You'll also get slightly different pressure curves depending on the pen you use. I've never noticed too much of a difference, but others have. If you use different pens on each tablet pc, it may contribute to the problem. But probably not.

    A+ on getting a T904 for $80! I'm not sure my own T901 goes that low, and it's getting a bit long in the tooth.
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