Slates in Court?

Discussion in 'HP Slate' started by Bronsky, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Nothing fancy on the internet connection, I use Teather with my 3G blackberry 3850 (primitive, I know:D - but it gets the job done). As far as the files, I do most of my filing electronically when I can. Pleadings from my adversaries are routinely scanned, indexed and stored electronically (we still keep paper copies but I rarely use them anymore, prefering to read most motions and discovery on my slate where I can make notes in pdf annotator). All my assistant needed to do was go to the particular case folder, look at the index to identify the order in question and send it to me as an email attachment. It took literally a minute from my call. You should have seen the look on the judges face. From that point forward, his whole tone changed and my credibility went way up. It was such a classic moment that I had to write it up.

    @Rick - my pleasure. You have to hear from us when we're cranky, might as well share some of the glory as well.
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