Slate won't charge or power on

Discussion in 'EP121 Slate' started by Mrono, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. Mrono

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    a little bit of back story, my OEM power adaptor died and I got a replacement one designed for the ep121 (about the same time installed windows 8), it seemed to work just fine but after awhile the slate would not charge at all, it would power on and windows would say it was charging but never went past 0%. The charging led would stay solid orange, except after awhile it would just blink orange.

    Today I flashed bios 704 with winflash as well as WMIACPI and rebooted and it was fine, still didn't charge. Then I remembered that I had to go into the bios to set Optimized Settings, so I rebooted and got into the bios but didn't see it. I saw the section for to flash a bios upgrade and decided what the hell. I hit flash and it erased, installed, then verified and i looked away for a minute. When i looked back it was dark, no lights at all. I have the power plugged in, no charging led at all, power button does nothing. reset button doesn't help. I checked the power brick and it's putting out the correct 19.5V (can't check amps). Is it bricked or is it something else?

    Due to previous issues with the pen tracking being absolute crap (I RMA'd to asus back when I first got it, they said they fixed it and sent it back but nothing changed), as well as the performance and battery in general being pretty poor i'd say the cost to benefit of this purchase was the worst i've ever had. ASUS could have done much better when making this tablet.
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    <<...after awhile the slate would not charge at all...>>

    ...Just a thought, but it's possible that your replacement AC adapter can't maintain the proper DC voltage when it's hooked up to your EP121. Any chance that you can find another AC adapter to try? Perhaps at a store, to at least see if the tablet will start charging?
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    It is likely bricked....
    As Steve need a good power supply first before flashing bios..
    If your battery was still at zero..should left charging the the week and see...
    blinking orange means intermittent at the plug..


    1.the plug inside pcb... has worn out or not making contacts well..
    2. power supply right plug ...or pinched dc cord...
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