Slate 500 and Laptop integration

Discussion in 'HP Slate' started by gcap74, Aug 17, 2011.

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    This may be a dumb question... but my research on tablets is just beginning and I am actually trying to find something for my team at work for a very specific purpose.

    We are part of a multinational team that does a large amount of integration online. Some members of our team have received company issued Tablet PCs (Lenovo) yet most of the team did not get them. Budget cuts are preventing us from upgrading everyone to the standard company issued Tablet PC.

    However the need for drawings etc through OneNote and other Office Products would be a significant efficiency for us. So I have been asked to look into graphic tablets/digital pen options. Well there are some graphic tablets that look like they will do what we need I began to think about the HP slate and its potential to serve in that capacity....

    We would love the added functionality of a full windows tablet... however due to Corporate restrictions we can't connect such a device to our network or configure it to serve as our primary machine. But there would be value in having a tablet for working offline etc. So i was hoping that the HP Slate (or some other tablet out there) will also function as a graphics tablet/input device for a PC or laptop.... Am I crazy? Or is such a thing possible?
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    First - don't try it.
    Second - I doubt it.

    As to the first, unless you have a special cable, it is possible to damage one or the other device using just a normal USB cable. See WikiHow:

    How to Connect Two Computers Using USB - wikiHow

    As to the second, once you get it connected, the two computers are going to see themselves as part of a network, not as a computer and input tablet. That said, it is possible to have one computer take control of another and you might be able to rig something up using that capability. Realistically, though, with Wacom Bamboo tablets starting at $69, I don't think it would be worth the hassle.

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