Sierra Wireless Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot Review Discussion

Discussion in 'News Headlines' started by Jen Edwards, Sep 8, 2010.

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    $1500 over the two year contract with a 5 cent per megabyte charge for over usage. No thanks. Not unless I used it to replace my high speed internet service at home.
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    I looked into replacing my service with the Overdrive once 4G arrived in Boston. The only thing that prevented me from making the switch was the 5 device limit. Between my laptops (my girlfriend and I have 6 between us, both for work and personal use), Wii, DS and Roku, I'd constantly be switching devices on and off. Way too big a hassle to justify the move.
  4. Ed Hardy

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    Sprint has released an update for the Overdrive that is supposed to fix many of the complaints Jen Edwards had about this device.

    The latest update includes the following changes:
    • Improved Wi-Fi stability: Significantly resolves Wi-Fi disconnect issues on the device when idle (including improvements specific to iPad™).2
    • Improved Connection Stability: Greatly reduces random 3G/4G disconnects.
    • Improved Device Stability: All known freeze-ups and lock-ups eliminated.
    • Improved 4G Rescan timer - Allows end-user to modify how frequently the device scans for 4G when currently in 3G (from 1-15 minutes). Allows users to trade off battery life for improved 4G scanning performance. Previously, the Overdrive was pre-set to 10 minute scanning periods.
    For example, if the user sets the 4G rescan timer to 8 minutes, depending on the device power configuration it will rescan at these intervals:

    i. Battery: Every 8 minutes
    ii. USB: Half of that, or every 4 minutes
    iii. AC Power: Half of that, or every 2 minutes
    • New Over Temp UI Indications: Provides more comprehensive indication of charging and temperature.
    a. If the device’s internal temperature goes above the charging shut-off threshold, the battery indicator will display the current charge with an exclamation point next to the charging level. The user should unplug the device until the temp indicator goes away.
    b. When the device cools enough to begin charging again, the battery indicator will show normal charge indication​
    • 4G Automatic Update Feature: Allows Sprint to push new software updates going forward to the device.
    • Enhanced Start Time: Estimated 20% faster boot-up time (10-12 seconds faster)
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