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Discussion in 'Site Suggestions and Site Help' started by Frank, Dec 13, 2007.

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    All the reviews are realy good but they never show a tablet pc runing

    look at this one and you will understand


    one other problem is the video section

    you can put 3dmark and you will only see numbers

    the real question is

    can it run doom?
    in what settings?

    you can use any new game for this
    and you dont even need to buy it
    check this website and show us
  2. Frank

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    No I don't understand.
    1. The video on YouTube is senseless. I can't seee anything on it. Who the heck records a video with a cheap camera - indoors, at night and the only light source is a dim bulb? So i don't know what you want, but this video is in my opinion a video to show other how they shoudn't do review a unit. Look at the video from GottaBeMobile. This makes sense.

    2. The webpage is senseless, too. I have to download a ActiveX component!! No thanks.
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