Sent Surface Pro back, bad WiFi card

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by Malberttoo, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Got my 128GB Surface on Thursday 2/28, and right out of the box it had issues. During the initial setup, it didn't even try to connect me to Wifi, and in fact I couldn't even FIND the WLAN adapter until after I rebooted.

    After that, either when waking from sleep or being rebooted, the adapter was missing more times than it wasn't. Called MS on Fri, they had me restore it to factory, but that didn't fix the problem so by then I was convinced that the card itself was bad/flaky. Called MS again on Sat, and got return labels.

    The MS tech couldn't give me the "advanced" exchange option, where they send me the new one now and put a hold on my credit card until they get the old one back. I'm guessing, and the tech guesses as well, that it's because of their low stock right now.

    So I shipped it off yesterday, and it got to MS this morning. The tech said 3-5 days for the new one to arrive. I made him confirm that it WOULD be a NEW one, and not refurb.

    Back to waiting......
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