Seeking new W7 TabletPC, former Acer C110 user

Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by Athe, May 5, 2018.

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    Note: Quick summary at the bottom if you're in a rush.


    Hello everyone! I had an Acer Travelmate C110 (I think?) that I liked a lot a while ago, but sadly it is gone now. I really miss having a tablet PC with the digitizer and pen combo, and the feeling of writing with hard pen on hard surface, and would love to have one again. Picture for reference

    Bold: Requirement. Dealbreaker, basically.
    Underline: Strongly preferred but not absolutely required.
    Italics: Minor preference, specific but not terribly important.

    Any item with the above will lead with a + rather than a - for easier scanning.

    General Questions

    - I'll pay what it takes but ideally <1000 USD since I don't think I'm asking for anything super intensive and don't mind older/used equipment. If I'm wrong though, you can ignore that number.​
    - Yes, definitely! Used > refurbished, but I'll take what I can get.​
    + Windows TabletPC. No slates - I like having the increased power, flexibility of purpose, and integrated keyboard. Ideally, it would fold back with the screen facing outward, and click and lock into place, sturdy and firm.​
    + Any size is acceptable, but the bigger the better. Preferably at least as big as the Travelmate C110 (10.4 inches).​
    - Northeastern United States.​
    - No.​
    - Not sure. Two hours at least I guess?​
    - Notetaking, drawing, reading, possibly games (mostly indie and older titles so I don't need powerful graphics engines). I will be watching/streaming videos as well, but since it's a TabletPC I'm not expecting perfection or power, just enough for a smooth playback without breaks, and at a reasonable resolution.

    + Due to my desire to read on the TabletPC, I would strongly prefer tactile buttons on the edge of the screen that I can press to scroll up or down like my old Acer C110 had (the thing that looks like one long button on the bottom right of the screen). Alternatively, any buttons could work if they are conveniently placed and can be remapped for this purpose.

    - Of the above, I imagine drawing/photoshopping will probably be the most demanding on the CPU/GPU.​
    + Windows 7 or XP. No Vista/8/10. 7 strongly preferred. I'm willing to install it myself but I'm not sure if this is possible - IIRC the Acer C110 had a special version of XP, XP tablet or something, and if you uninstalled that you were out of luck for anything that involved the stylus? So if there's a special version of Windows 7 for TabletPCs (specifically, convertible + active digitizer TabletPCs), that could limit my options.​
    - Office Suite, some notetaking thing, Photoshop, games​
    - Yes. I have a strange and eclectic set of tastes that go all the way from the 80s (NetHack!) to the modern day. But the modern ones are mostly lower-CPU indie titles anyway. The most demanding game I've played recently would probably be Sunless Sea.​
    - No. At most I would probably hook up an external monitor if I wanted to watch something with friends, but no big deal if I can't do this.​

    Screen Specifics

    + Probably 1024x768 would be the minimum, unless there's literally nothing that gets there. 1600x1200 or better would be nice though.​
    + Being able to use it outside would be a really nice bonus. Probably more important than anything else I have in italics, but less important than anything underlined.​
    + Yes please! Active digitizer with pressure sensitivity. The feeling of the pen pushing back against me is very important, so I want a digitizer and not just a touchscreen. I also would like to use it with Photoshop and/or GIMP so as far as I understand from the FAQ, I'd want Wacom and not N-trig. I could be wrong though! I didn't find anything there about AES and the sticky did say the FAQ was outdated, so maybe that's not accurate anymore.​

    Component Specifics

    - I'm not sure. Is the expandable part mainly referring to Android tablets with SD card slots? If so that wouldn't apply since I'm looking for a Windows TabletPC.

    + 300+ GB of space would be nice, but not a requirement. Memory specs that meet my needs are fine, but I guess if I had to put a number to it, I'd say... 2GB RAM, maybe? I'm no stranger to taking computers apart and upgrading individual parts though, so none of this is important if I can do that.​
    + Well it's a TabletPC so it probably will have full-sized USBs anyway, but yes, I would like at least one or two full-sized USB.

    - HDMI would be nice but isn't required.​


    - Yikes, I feel like I've listed too much already! But I'll update this post if I think of anything.​

    Quick summary

    In a rush? I understand. I'd like a TabletPC with the following characteristics:

    - Windows 7, or XP as a last resort (not Vista/8/10)
    - Convertible with integrated keyboard, i.e not a slate
    - Active digitizer + pressure sensitivity with a hard pen
    - Minimum 1024x768, preferably 1600x1200 or above
    - Tactile buttons on screen for easy scrolling while reading
    - Outdoor use is a very nice bonus, but not more important than the above

    Thanks so much for reading this!
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