Screen size agnostic 70 point calibration script

Discussion in 'Software' started by Nicholas Rishel, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Every tabcal script I could find were purpose-built for the device being discussed and were not resolution independent. I put together a batch script that should work for any device, resolution independent, for 70 calibration points, hosted here:

    After doing so I can understand why no one would have bothered to do this. Batch scripts are a pita, especially when you get into basic arithmetic and referencing other variables. I'm still not entirely sure I'm doing things correctly with delayed expansion, but things mostly work. I say mostly because...

    I can't figure out the real limit for number of calibration points. Changing the grid point distribution would change how many points were accepted before tabcal error'ed on run, and oddly the closer the points were (I only tested close to 0,0) the more grid points it accepted. I'm not entirely sure this issue isn't related to the prior issue, but after verifying the script ran without error on a large landscape and small portrait screen I'm ready to call this good enough.
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