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Discussion in 'Asus' started by Mynd Ara, Nov 23, 2006.

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    I've been playing around with my new R1 a little this afternoon. It's my first tablet PC, so bear with me if I'm asking stupid questions. I'll do a full review in the course of the next couple of days, so these are just some first impressions.

    a) what's with the corners? Sometimes, when using the pen to tip on the "start button", the usual right click menu appears, and then starts flickering, and the computer stops responding to any input until I send it to sleep and wake it up again. Anyone has experienced this. Is it a driver issue?

    b) form factor: I like it petite, so a little less height would have been perfect, particularly in slate mode. But it's ok. This way, however, it's not really useful as a paper replacement on my desk. Scribbling will most certainly have to take place on top of my lap - and that's affected by the heat bottom-heat emissions. Particularly the area around the CPU is getting rather hot. It felt nice when removing the heat source after a while. So I'm not sure I'm gonna use ti in this way in the long run.

    b) connectors - I tried to watch a DVD on my lap in slate/landscape mode. But the rotator button changes the screen orientation in a way that the hinge is at the bottom - and so are all the connectors. So this way, it's hardly possible to use any of the connectors. I had to change the screen orientation manually (crtl+alt+arrows), to turn it around by 180 degrees. Is there any way to change the rotator button configuration?

    c) screen - I like 13.3''/1280*800. Nice density. But I am somewhat annoyed by the screen protector foil that makes the otherwise great screen look grainy. I think I'll end up removing it and use a felt pen instead of the normal one.

    d) static - it's as present as in my HP desktop. Very annoying.

    e) tablet functionality - handwriting recognition (out of the box) is not as good as I imagined it would be. It does take 3x the time to work in tablet mode (for me, for the time being). English recognition seems to work a lot better out of the box than German recognition.

    More in a while - thanks for any help with the corner issue.

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    a) This screen flicker issue is strange. First thing to try is calibaration of the pen (in the Windows Control Panel). Is it happening in both tablet and notebook mode? I'd give Toshiba a call on that.

    b) The rotate button is programmed by a driver. I doubt you can "reprogram" it unless you are a major hacker.
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    why call toshiba?

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