Samsung S7+ Finally a worthy successor to the NotePro 12?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab' started by stoneseeker, Aug 6, 2020.

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    Does Super Display support Portrait orientation, or just landscape? And as weird as this sounds, does Super Display have any feature to support using 2 Android Tablets as Monitors. Like if you had two Tab S7+s, could you use them both as monitors at the same time?

    After seeing that insane 7-monitor laptop concept from Expanscape. I'm getting a bunch of awful idea's and I'm now somewhat entertaining ways to bump my dual monitor laptop setups into a triple or quad monitor setup. Since most all USB-C monitors are in the 13/15 inch range, I'm somewhat eyeing a Tab S6 lite, S6, S7, (etc) to jury rig it as a 3rd monitor. Or maybe a second as a 4th, if SuperDisplay can't run two, I wonder if I could use both Super Display and Duet Display at the same time? This wouldn't be for drawing, but so long as it could act as a reliable and stable monitor for every other purpose, it would do.

    The Tab S6 Lite given its cheap price would be most ideal to this efforts, but its USB-C port only having USB2 specs concerns me for monitor jury rigging.
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    It appears that Shogmaster already covered a lot of this, thank you Shogmaster.

    • Yes, it does portrait as shown in SM's video below.
    • I don't see any option for more than one device, it might work, I don't know if the windows "drivers" have limits?
    • For me, 2 displays to one PC works fine with me. I then use a third separate device, such as the Tab S7/Macbook, to play media when I am working.


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