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Discussion in 'Software' started by Kumabjorn, May 24, 2021.

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    Getting the first generation Galaxy Note I remember the giddiness I felt when taking handwritten notes. Alas, after a while I began to realize that the Notes app was woefully underpowered. A month ago I got the Galaxy Tab 6 Lite and I'm waiting for delivery of the Galaxy Tab 8 with S-pen and I have to say that Samsung's Notes app has grown up to a handsome young and somewhat virile man.

    I especially like that a new Note created through Air Command can be minimized to an icon always being on top. Right now I'm going through a 1200 page history book and all I have to do is tap that little icon and I'm ready to put down my thoughts or reaction. It would be even more fantastic if it allowed me to put a link there to the original place in the (epub) book so I can go straight back to the source. Now I have to remember to enter the page number so I can find it later.

    It is also annoying that I can't launch a new note as a floating on top writing pad from inside the Notes app. I'm forced to close it down and then launch a new note from Air Command and then inside that not tap out and open an earlier note connected to the project (book). A whole lot of steps I could do without.

    It also integrates a lot better with OneNote than ever before, except the Samsung notes will appear as a new page inside ON, the ability to place it on any page (I'm guessing MS requires some kind of licensing fee) would also save a lot of steps. But hey, it is better than nothing.
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    Between college and law school, one of my jobs was as a text book rewriter. My hat is off to you if you can work on such material and not regularly want to jump off a bridge. :newpalm:
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