Samsung Notebook Pro 13/15, Pen & Galaxy Book FAQ/Tips

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by thatcomicsguy, May 31, 2018.

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    A fair question! First of all.., No, Wacom drivers do not work on this computer and probably never will unless something big changes. Second of all...

    The basic items for new users include:

    1. Getting the Pen button to perform a hover click, (and other functions). Follow these instructions:

    There is also another solution for the hover click problem. It uses AutoHotKey, and apparently works quite well. I've never tried it and I can't find the link right now, but it will probably show up on Google. It is mentioned either in this thread or the Samsung Galaxy Book discussion thread, as both computers are nearly identical in many respects (other than chassis design).

    2. Getting a bigger, better Pen.

    The "Full Sized S Pen" is the way to go:

    You can, if you feel like re-mapping the digitizer, get any old Penabled pen to work as well, but the stylus linked above has a far superior IAF. A worthwhile purchase.

    3. Windows 10 updates which will break your computer.

    Microsoft updates from late 2017, early 2018 to the present have included some catastrophic nonsense which threw, in particular, Photoshop users for a major loop. There are a few solutions.

    3a. One is a background registry hack which is necessary if you want to actually draw with your pen rather than just grab and pan around your canvas. That solution can be found here:

    3b. The other solution to this problem, just for Photoshop, is to follow these instructions lifted from somewhere on the web:

    3c. This is my preferred solution; use an older version of Windows 10 from mid-2017 which wasn't broken and then prevent it from updating.

    This is for advanced users only; it's scorched earth stuff. Personally, I love it and have been happily working with this version of Windows 10 without any of the troubles everybody else is suffering under. Just follow these directions (if you dare!):

    4. Alternative pen driver: Wintab_x64_1.0.0.20

    This should probably be at the top of the list rather than the bottom. While the Microsoft Windows Ink pen driver (built into Windows 10) has been improving and software providers like Adobe and Celsys are streamlining their products to work efficiently with it, you will want to have a copy of this old legacy driver on hand, (especially as it is required for some of the Photoshop fixes):

    Follow the instructions on forum member, surfaceproartist's page to download:


    That's about all I can think of as being vital. My less vital suggestions for artists would include:

    -Use ClipStudio Paint. It's awesome.
    -Use the latest Photoshop CC (2018). It works without some of my least favorite bugs for the first time in years.
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    5. Right Button Mapping
    5b. Alternate Right Button Mapping Script

    6. Calibration Tool:
    7. Alternative Pen with Eraser (Thanks for the headsup @WillAdams)

    8. Replacement nibs/tips
    I've currently found two sources one for the US & one for the UK.
    Previously mentioned by @Shizaru. For posterity, the part number is GH98-40270A

    FoneJoy (UK) £8.95 + Free shipping to the UK (USA) $11.75 + 6.95 S&H
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