Samsung Notebook 9 - 13" and 15" flippers with Windows 10 and spen

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by violajack, May 30, 2017.

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    I have used a USB-C charger and haven't had any issues. At home I use the original power supply and when I'm on the move I carry a USB-C charger. That way one psu in my bag can be used with multiple devices. It's not something I do every day but fairly regularly. My USB-C power supply is an inexpensive generic 60W 3A unit. An Anker will be far better than mine, so I doubt you would have any issues using one of them.

    The only thing to be concerned about is making sure that the USB-C connector doesn't suffer any stress from the weight of the cable etc. hanging from the port. In my experience the cables are shorter on USB-C power supplies, which can make it awkward to find good placement without putting undue strain on the connection to the USB-C port.

    When the machine is on a desk I slide a pencil under the USB-C connector whether it's from PSU or some other external device. That makes sure that there is no excess pressure pulling down on the socket. I try to avoid using the power supply if I'm working with the machine on my lap, to avoid unnecessary risk of an accident wiping out the only USB-C socket on the machine.

    I'm surprised that you cant find an equivalent replacement Samsung charger. There should be other machines that use the same charger I would have thought. You could try contacting Samsung support and asking them if there is an alternative.

    Having said that if you are having to spend the money a USB-C power supply would be more versatile and a better long term investment.
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