samsung note pro 12.2 vs surface pro 4

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which one?

  1. note pro

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  2. surface pro

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  1. gambusino

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    I'm looking forward to buy a new tablet since my ipad just died
    i used the ipad with dropbox so much for college (I study industrial engineering) and after looking around i've found this two tablets that can take productivity to another level.
    The samsung note pro i couldn't find it anywhere since they stopped selling it few years ago but i found a used one from 2015 for 320€, and also found a new unused surface pro 4 for 750€.
    As you can imagine, im having a hard time trying to decide which one to buy.
    The note pro:
    -32 gig HDD (has SD card slot)
    -3 gig Ram
    note taking app: s-note or lecture notes (someone tell me which is best)
    -is much cheaper: 320€
    -is samsung, like mi s7 edge (i can sync s planner and other things)
    -has 1 hour longer battery life
    -it's a second-hand product (allthough i can check it's in good conditions before buying it)
    -is android, that means i can't run the desktop onenote app from microsoft (only available on widows) which i've concluded is the best note taking app.
    -it's an early 2014 product (which means it might get out dated because of the new android actualizations that the note pro might not support).

    Then, there is the surface pro:
    -128gig SSD (has sd card slot)
    -4gig RAM
    -intel i5
    -note taking app: onenote( the best and synced with all my MS account)
    -it's twice the price
    -it has less battery life
    -the stylus hangs on the outside (more probabilities to loose it and it costs 50 bugs)
    - a little heavier
    -i've read handwriting is better
    -came out recently
    -more powerfull overall (less lag for the stylus i assume)
    -there are available pen tips that have different feeling when typing on the screen.

    The main use will be multitasking on class and studying, one side notetaking(writing ecuations ) and the other side reading pdf's.
    I have a big and heavy notebook so i dont care about the gaming and heavy app use on the tablets.

    So what i mostly care about is the multitasking capacity (without lag) and even more about the hand writing, i wan't to substitute paper and pen so this is the most important point and im not really sure about what one is best for this, i'd like to know wich of these gets closer to real writing.

    In terms of engineering college productivity, what other apps an feautures am i gonna miss from one or the other OS?

    Btw, sorry if my english is bad, im spanish.
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    I've got a SP3 and the note pro 12.2. I loved the note pro like I've never loved a piece of tech before. That thing was epic.

    But it's abandonware. Samsung will never update the 12.2 note pro line (prove me wrong, Sammy!). that's good and bad - it's good because you can get a great machine super cheap in the form of a used 12.2 note pro. Great value. But when that gets out of date and you're ready to upgrade, there will be no replacement machine. So in a couple of years you'll be on the Surface, no matter what, so it makes sense to jump aboard now rather than later.

    But I'm an artist not a note taker, so I can't vouch for the note taking power of both machines. Ask Siddarth, he'll know.
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