Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 could have a wirelessly charging S Pen

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by jbomb, Jul 12, 2019.

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  1. jbomb

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    saw this post and was confused.
    I thought that the pens used for the tabs were wacom emr. and they didn't use a battery. I would think that it would be a step backwards to go with an active digitizer.
  2. nnthemperor

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    Samsung keeps piling up useless features on their flagships that they eventually start going backwards. Think they should focus on improving the battery usage. Plus it's a 10" Android device, who needs that when Android doesn't even work well on 8"

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  3. DRTigerlilly

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    I actually made a post about it and then deleted it.

    I thought it meant a non wacom EMR pen, but as i read closer i think they're referring to the bluetooth with the pen in the Note 9. So in the Note 9 it uses a super capacitor to charge I believe, and i think that's what they're changing to charging wirelessly.

    At least that's what I hope.
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  4. darkmagistric

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    I too would like to be optimistic and assume the charging/super cap element to the new pen is purely for additional functionality....and the pen itself remains EMR......however.......their recent Non-EMR pen case of the AES based Spin Tablet, and the more recent MPP based Notebook 9 Pro.....they really could go anyway with this. However both those didn't use the S-pen branding for their I think its likely they will at least keep the S-pen's EMR based. (knock on wood)
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  5. siddhartth

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    Samsung tab S6 is already too late and too little.

    • Too late because- every body who needed such a tablet, already owns an iPad Pro 11 by now.

    • Too little because-
      • Doesn’t run on 855+ or 8cx
      • No variable refresh rate display, 20 to 120 hz
      • Doesn’t run Windows 10, android sucks
      • The aspect ratio is still video oriented not productivity oriented

    Most likely the next gen Surface too will have slim bezels, and since Samsung’s tablet department never does anything preemptively, always reacts to what ever competition has already achieved, it will still be stuck with huge bezels and a 60hz display. If Samsung would have released a Galaxybook in India, with an 8cx instead of 845 with iPad Pro like bezels, I would have never bought this iPad Pro11. Samsung is an expert on “how to lose marketshare and disappoint customers”.

    Samsung should have come out with a minimal bezel pocketable iPad mini competitor running android on 855, that would have made sense. But a 10” android tablet doesn’t make any sense. Why would anybody want to run Dex on a machine that can run windows 10. And I still fail to understand what the hell was Samsung tabS5e.
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  6. desertlap

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    Samsung is a unique/odd company.
    You would think that they of anyone besides Apple could produce a truly cutting edge device. In total, Samsung has all the technology pieces including chip design, storage technology and display tech.

    I think the problem is with the way Samsung as a company is built which is in many ways a conglomeration of companies and associated goals and strategies instead of a single aligned focus like Apple.

    What was explained to me when we first started working with them is that each major group (displays, storage, processors) operates as it's own entity and that other groups within Samsung are treated more like competing customers. In other words Samsung Computing is competing with companies like Apple for access to Samsung's OLED screens for instance. Or as was the case during the first year of the new MacBook pros where Apple basically bought every PCIE SSD Samsung could produce.

    That's part of the reason why Samsung's PC notebooks have never really been competitive, the best components are going to Apple or Lenovo or HP etc.
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