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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by JoeS, Feb 26, 2017.

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    The link was dead for the AutoHotKey script to make the S-Pen's side button do a right-click. Fortunately the author included the script content in one post. YMMV on getting it to work. AHK stuff seems touchy.

    Anyway, all I wanted was to have the side button of my ZBook x2 pen send Tab to toggle Rebelle 4's toolbars off and on, for an unobstructed canvas. I simply changed the script from sending {RButton Down} to sending {Tab}. For that simple task it's working perfectly except the pen's end eraser toggles it too. But it also still erases so no biggie.

    And that was my last obstacle to buying Rebelle 4 (not counting price). The three email exchanges with Veronika concerning pen drivers and such, plus multitouch issues, helped solidify my choice. Good, knowledgeable support even for someone who admitted to still being on the demo. Anyway, after over a week of trying out many art software packages, I have found that I enjoy using it the most and it works fairly well on my SGB12 8/256, though not as well as Leonardo of course (which I already owned).

    Or perhaps I'll buy my top two or three choices if the Black Friday sale(s) are good. I can wait and see.
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    The 10.6 is available as refurb on ebay for $199 now. I got one. Since abandoning the duo for the zfold, then getting a boox max lumi, I figured the pen pro would be useful. Once I had that, a windows based emr tablet seemed like a natural addition. I'm going to have to list some things soon here.
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    I hope you enjoy it.

    I struggled for a long time about whether to hit the buy button on a 10.6 GB when they first came out. SGo OG won my wallet.
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